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Ultra-high-density hard drives made with graphene store ten times more data
(News, University of Cambridge, June 2021)

Molecular bridges power up printed electronics
(News, Graphene Flagship, February 2021)


Wafer-scale production of graphene-based photonic devices
(News, Graphene Flagship, February 2021)


Vibrating 2D materials
(News, Eurekalert!, February 2021)


Graphene boosts next-generation telecom and datacom devices
(News, Graphene Flagship, November 2020)


Un �New Deal� (europeo) per scienza e tecnologia
(Opinion, Corriere Della Sera, November 2020)


Versarien creates panel to look at the future of graphene
(News, Punchline, September 2020)


Graphene: 200 Times Stronger Than Steel, 1,000 Times Lighter Than Paper
(Feature, How Stuff Works, August 2020)


Amorphous boron nitride shows excellent insulating properties for the next generation of electronics
(News, Graphene Flagship, June 2020)


Clean CARS Spectroscopy Enables Fast Graphene Imaging
(News, Graphene Flagship, May 2020)


Graphene: Meet the material of the future that's 200 times stronger than steel
(News, Euronews, February 2020)


Adding graphene to amorphous carbon RAM leads to smaller memory devices
(News, Graphene Flagship, January 2020)


Graphene Flagship publishes handbook of graphene manufacturing
(News, Eurekalert, January 2020)


Smog-eating graphene composite reduces atmospheric pollution
(News, Cambridge University, December 2019)


New technique to 'clean' layered heterostructures improves device performance and paves the way to scalable production
(News, Graphene Flagship, November 2019)


Graphene Flagship and Tetra Pak hold joint marketplace event
(News, Graphene Flagship, November 2019)


Graphene turns 15 on track to deliver on its promises
(News, Graphene Flagship, October 2019)


How the Graphene Flagship has evolved: moving to Core Three (Interview to Prof. Andrea Ferrari)
(News, Scitech Europa, May 2019)


The Graphene Pavilion returns to Mobile World Congress 2019
(News, Graphene Flagship, Feb 2019)


Cambridge partners in new €1 billion European Quantum Flagship
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Oct 2018)


Graphene shows unique potential to exceed bandwidth demands of future telecommunications
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Oct 2018)


Cambridge researchers discover quintons - a new quasiparticle in layered materials
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Sep 2018)


Tunable third harmonic generation in graphene paves the way to high-speed communications
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, May 2018)


Cambridge: Graphene in zero G promises success in space
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Dec 2017)


State-of-the-art new facilities open at Cambridge Graphene Centre
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Nov 2017)


Cambridge: 3�2�1�Launch! Graphene goes Zero G!
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Nov 2017)


Cambridge: Graphene-based terahertz absorbers
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Sep 2017)


Cambridge: Tough stuff: Spider silk enhanced with graphene-based materials
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Sep 2017)


Cambridge: Zero Gravity: Graphene for Space Applications
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, July 2017)


Cambridge: Professor Andrea Ferrari receives Knighthood from the Italian Republic
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, June 2017)


Cambridge: Let there be Light: Deterministic arrays of Quantum Emitters
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, May 2017)


Cambridge: Cambridge Graphene Centre Technology Day
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, May 2017)


Cambridge: Graphene inks mesmerise in EPSRC Photography Competition
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, March 2017)


Cambridge: Engineering researchers honoured with awards for nanoscience and nanotechnology
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, March 2017)


Cambridge: Infrared sensors go graphene
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, March 2017)


Ultrahigh sensitivity graphene infrared detectors for imaging and spectroscopy
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, January 2017)
(Science Daily, Feb 2017)
(IEEE Spectrum, Feb 2017)


Versarien acquires majority stake in University of Cambridge spin-out Cambridge Graphene
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, January 2017)
(Insider Media, January 2017)
(NewElectronics, January 2017)


Graphene inks take first prize in Engineering Department Photography Competition
(News, Cambridge Graphene Centre, January 2017)


Professor Andrea Ferrari receives American Carbon Society's Pettinos Award
(News, Engineering Department, August 2016) (pdf)


Cambridge Graphene Centre catalysing a UK value-chain
(Business Weekly, June 2016) (pdf)


Graphene leader Andrea Ferrari honoured as MRS Fellow
(News, Engineering Department, June 2016) (pdf)


Minister for the Cabinet Office Matthew Hancock visits the Cambridge Graphene Centre
(Cambridge News, May 2016) (pdf)
(Cambridge TV, May 2016)


Graphene and chemistry create optically responsive devices
(newelectronics, April 2016) (pdf)


Graphene takes centre stage at Mobile World Congress
(Cambridge University News, February 2016) (pdf)
(Youtube, February 2016)


Graphene shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain
(Cambridge University News, January 2016) (pdf)


New design points a path to the 'ultimate' battery
(Cambridge University News, November 2015) (pdf)


Graphene moves from lab to factory floor
(Business Weekly News, November 2015) (pdf)


Investigating a Commercial Future for Graphene: An Interview with Professor Andrea Ferrari
(, July 2015) (pdf)


Andrea Ferrari: the graphene guru
(, April 2015) (pdf)


A bold new approach to training PhD students
(Cambridge University News, January 2015) (pdf)


Graphene brings quantum effects to electronic circuits
(Graphene Flagship News, January 2015) (pdf)
( News, January 2015) (pdf)


'Wonder Material' Graphene Is Just Getting Started
(NBC News, November 2014) (pdf)


Ultrafast and ultrashort: Some Recent Advances in Pulsed Lasers
(News, Optics & Photonics News, May 2014) (pdf)


Five wonder materials that could change the world
(News, The Guardian, 15 April 2014) (pdf)


Agilent Technologies Installs Atomic Force Microscope with Scanning Microwave Microscopy Capabilities at Cambridge Graphene Centre
(News, Thomasnet, 23 January 2014) (pdf)


Riding the Graphene Wave
(News, BBC Radio 4, 6 January 2014)


Graphene: The quest for supercarbon
(News, Nature, 20 November 2013) (pdf)


The Graphene Flagship – one of Europe’s first ten-year, 1bn Euro flagships in Future and Emerging Technologies – has been launched
(Research News, 15 October 2013) (pdf)
(News, Engineering Department, 21 October 2013) (pdf)


Prof. Ferrari interviewed on Graphene
(Fotonika2013, 1 October 2013) (video)


How Ultrafast Graphene Circuits Turn From Hype to Reality
(News, Science World Report, 10 September 2013) (pdf)


Miracle material: the graphene revolution
(News, The Telegraph, 10 June 2013) (pdf)


Visit of European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Maire Geoghegan-Quinn
(Cambridge University News, 30 January 2013) (pdf)


Graphene delivers ultrashort mid-IR laser pulses (News,, 14 January 2013) (pdf)


Ferrari et al. review the state of the art of graphene preparation, production, placement and handling (News,, 20 December 2012) (pdf)


Changing our material future, layer by layer (Research News, 20 December 2012) (pdf)


Professors Andrea Ferrari, Konstantin Novoselov and Vladimir Falko awarded an ERC Synergy Grant to Investigate a New Class of Materials (Press release, 17 December 2012) (pdf)


Robert Woodward winner of SET Student of the Year Award 2012 (News, Engineering Department, 22 October 2012) (pdf)


Observation of white-light amplified spontaneous emission from carbon nanodots under laser excitation (News, Optics InfoBase, Spotlight on Optics, 10 May 2012) (pdf)


Graphene Electronics, Fresh from the Printer (News, ACS Nano, 24 April 2012) (pdf)


University Electrical Engineering Department of the Year (News, 25 Jan 2012) (pdf)


Professor Andrea Ferrari joins Nanoscale Editorial Board (Research News, 12 Dec 2011) (pdf)


What is graphene flagship? (Research News, 24 Nov 2011) (video) Interview (Science News, 4 Oct 2011) (pdf)


Graphene could make 'perfect' solar cells (News,, 5 Sep 2011) (pdf)


Nanowire transistors for analogue computing (Technology Update,, 1 Sep 2011) (pdf)


BBC Cambridge Interview (1 Sep 2011) (Listen)


Times Higher Education (THE) Interview (THE news, 28 July 2011) (pdf)


Materials Today Interview (Materials Today Podcast, 2011) (listen)


RSC ChemistryWorld Interview (News, ChemistryWorld, 10 May 2011) (pdf)


Dr Andrea Ferrari receives the EU-40 Materials Prize (Engineering Department News, 9 May 2011) (pdf)


The Pilot for a visionary research initiative on graphene funded by the European Commission (Engineering Department News, May 2011) (pdf)
(Press releases,, 4 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 4 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 4 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 4 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 4 May 2011)(pdf)
(News, Manchester University, 4 May 2011)(pdf)
(Press releases,, 4 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 4 May 2011)(pdf)
(News, Cambridge Networks, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(Research News, Cambridge University, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(News, Businessweekly, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(News, European Commission, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(News, Financial Times Europe, 5 May 2011)(pdf)
(News,, 21 May 2011) (pdf)


Physics Today Interview (Physics Today, May 2011) (pdf)


Understanding the physics of SERS (Technology update,, Sep 2010) (pdf)
Graphene shines a light on surface-enhanced spectroscopy (News,, Oct 2010) (pdf)


Graphene makes ultrafast laser (Technology update,, Mar 2010) (pdf)
Graphene makes ultrafast laser (News,, Mar 2010) (pdf)
Graphene and Lasers Become Ultrafast Friends (Blog, 科学网博客 (pdf)
After Demonstrating Its Worth in Electronics Applications, Graphene Tackles Optoelectronics (Blogs, Nanoclast, IEEE spectrum, March 2010) (pdf)
石墨片超快激光器闪耀登场 (News, (pdf)

Nanowire lithography on graphene chosen as best of PSS (Editorial, Phys. Status Solidi B 247, 2010) (pdf)

Doped Graphane Should Superconduct at 90K (arXiv Blog,, Feb 2010) (pdf)


Cambridge Enterprise: Commercialising Nanotube Mode-locked Lasers (pdf)


Organic solar cells , Horizons10 (pdf)


The Royal Society: Labs to Riches 2009 - Innovation ( watch video )


Dr Francesco Bonaccorso is awarded a Newton International Fellowship (Engineering Department News, May 2009) (pdf)


Igniting Engineering Ideas - Engineering Students attend CfEL's entrepreneurship programme (Engineering Department News, April 2009) (pdf)


Graphene gets ready for the big time. (Nature,358, 390, 2009) (pdf)



Condensed-matter physics: Carbon conductor corrupted (Nature, News and Views, 458, 38, 2009) (pdf)
Materials Science: Transforming Graphene (Science, 323, 589, 2009) (pdf)
Graphene to graphane by chemical conversion (News from RSC Chemistry World, January 2009) (pdf)
Graphene: Here comes graphane? (Nature chemistry, research highlights, 16 January 2009) (pdf)


Dr Andrea Ferrari received three prestigious awards this year (Dept. of Engineering Newsletter, Issue 7, Winter 2008) (pdf)


Nanotechnology: A new solution to graphene prodcution (Technical article, SPIE newsroom, Nov 2008) (pdf)


Optical Materials: Variety pays off for nanotubes (Nature Nanotechnology, 3, 705, 2008 ) (pdf)


Carbon nanotubes give cheap fiberoptics a pulse (Ars Technica Journal, 04 November 2008 ) (pdf)


The Royal Society Enterprise Fund (Royal Society 2008)


Graphene Production, New solution to a new problem (Nature Nanotechnology 2008) (pdf)

Graphene 2.0 (Nature Nanotechnology 2008) (pdf)


New scientist interview. (NewScientistTech, 10 April 2008) (pdf)


Dr Andrea Ferrari from Cambridge University was honoured with the Marie Curie excellence award of the European Union for his research into nanotubes and new electronic devices.

(University of Cambridge, 16 April 2008) (pdf)

(European Commission, 12 March 2008) (pdf)

(CORDIS, 12 March 2008) (pdf)

(Terra Sociedad (sp), 12 March 2008) (pdf)

(Dolomiten (gr), 12 March 2008) (pdf)

(Science ORF (gr), 12 March 2008) (pdf)

(Bem Comum (po), 12 March 2008) (pdf)

(La Repubblica (it), 12 March 2008) (pdf)

(La Stampa (it), 12 March 2008) (pdf)

(SestoPotere (it), 12 March 2008) (pdf)


Brian Mercer Award for Innovation - Andrea Ferrari (Royal Society YouTube Webpage) ( watch video )



Dr Andrea Ferrari receives the Brian Mercer Award for Innovation in Nanotechnology from The Royal Society (Cambridge University, 5 March 2008) (pdf)


Dr. Andrea Ferrari receives a European Research Council grant:

(University of Cambridge 16 June 2008) (pdf)

(The Times Higher Awards 2008) (pdf)



Rapidly Counting Graphene Layers, One by One (Microscopy Focus, November 2007) (pdf)



Ink jet printing CNTs without clogging (Technical textiles, 18 October 2007) (pdf)


Ink-jet printing produces nanotube transistors (Nanotechweb, 4 October 2007) (pdf)

UK researchers create carbon nanotube transistor by ink-jet printing (, 9 October 2007) (pdf)

Ink-jet printing produces nanotube transistors (Nanost World, 6 October 2007) (pdf)


Owlstone Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering: Cinzia Casiraghi 'NWs @Tate Modern' (University of Cambridge 2007) (pdf)

From Nanotubes to Outer Space; Online photography exhibition reveals hidden beauty of engineering research (University of Cambridge 2007) (pdf)

Une compétition photo décèles les beautés de la recherche en ingénierie (Radio L'Atelier, France) (pdf)

The excitement of two dimensions (Materials Today, editorial July-August 2007) (pdf)

E-MRS Graduate Student Awards for Simone Pisana and Vittorio Scardaci (EMRS Strasbourg, 30 May 2007) (pdf)

European Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award (Cambridge University, October 2007)

EMRS 2007 Graduate Student Award (Pembroke College, November 2007) (pdf)


Royal Society Video on Nanotube Photonics (Cambridge University) (mpg video)

Cambridge Scientists Produce Live Video Showing How Carbon Nanotubes Form:(Azonano, 6 March 2007) (pdf)


Watch them grow (The Engineering online, 7 May 2007) (pdf)


Video shows how carbon nanotubes form: (What's Next In Science & Technology, 3 March 2007) (pdf)


Watch footage of how nanotubes form:


Nanotube formation captured on video:


This week in cond-mat: Born-Oppenheimer breakdown in graphene (Nanoscale views, 02 December 2006) (pdf)


Diamond-like carbon for data and beer storage (Nanowerk, 14 February 2007) (pdf)


Of Beer and Bottles (, 24 December 2006) (pdf)




New method of growing carbon nanotubes will revolutionise electronics:

'Revolutionary' Nanotube Growth Method Devised: (, 21 August 2006) (pdf)
Headway on low-energy chip: (Computing, 17 August 2006) (pdf)
Single walled nanotubes grown at 350°C: (, 16 August 2006) (pdf)
New method of growing carbon nanotubes: (Netcomposites, 14 August 2006) (pdf)
Low-temperature process brings nanotubes to CMOS: (Electronicstalk, 11 August 2006) (pdf)
Boffins grow viable nanotubes: (The Enquirer, 10 August 2006) (pdf)
Low temperature nanotube CVD brings applications closer: (Semiconductor Fabtech, 09 August 2006) (pdf)
Carbon nanotubes grown at lower temperatures: (EE Times Europe, 09 August 2006) (pdf)


CAPE engineers receive prestigious grant for work in ultrafast photonics devices (Advance Nanotech, 22 June 2006) (pdf)



Dr Andrea Ferrari awarded with the Philip Leverhulme Prize

(University of Cambridge, 18 Nov 2005) (pdf)

(The Leverhulme Trust, November 2005) (pdf)


Ultrasmooth carbon for ultrahigh data storage density (, 13 October 2005) (pdf)

The Ultrasmoothness of Diamond-like Carbon Surfaces (Institut Werkstoffmechanik, September 2005) (pdf)
Graduate Student Award: Silver award for Cinzia Casiraghi.(MRS Fall Meeting) (pdf)
Graduate Student Award: Gold award for Stefano Piscanec. (MRS Fall Meeting) (pdf)
Nanotubes growing method to revolutionise electronics (Institute of nanotechnology, 16 March 2004) (pdf)
Melting the high spots (Science, 12 December 2003) (pdf)

Scientists grow carbon nanofibres straight onto plastic (Nanotechweb, 4 December 2003) (pdf)

Ultra-dense data storage from ultra-smooth carbon films (APS Physics, 27 November 2003) (pdf)