Centre for Molecular Materials, Photonics and Electronics

Malik M. Qasim Nano

Welcome to the CMMPE

Started in 2003, the Centre for Molecular Materials, Photonics and Electronics (CMMPE) is a part of the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge.

CMMPE is an optics and photonics research group with a focus developing new materials to enable the next generation of photonic and electronic devices. Specific areas of interest currently include liquid crystal devices, nanophotonic devices and holography.

To be successful the group carries out fundamental research through to application-driven engineering and brings together research scientists from a variety of different disciplines including electronic engineering, organic chemistry, physics, materials science and computer science. While part of the Electrical Engineering division, we work closely with internationally-leading academics from the Physics, Chemistry, Medical Physics and Maths departments, as well as a number of innovative industry partners including VividQ and Optalysys.

Research opportunities at the CMMPE

We are always seeking applications from highly motivated and skilled optical device or applications engineers along with physicists, chemists and materials scientists. Research opportunities are regularly available for visiting academics, PhD students and post-doctoral researcher. For further information and enquiries, please contact Tim Wilkinson.

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