Peter Interviewed by the Naked Scientists

CMMPE student Peter Christopher was interviewed today as part of a program by the Naked Scientists. In it, he was asked questions by Nadeem Gabbani about a recent Nature paper on “acoustic trap displays”. In it, precise ultrasound manipulation is used to maneuver a small object in 3D space. Changing the colour of the ball allows 3D shapes to be drawn using persistance of vision effects. Researchers from the UK and Japan also used advanced acoustic control to give volumetric sound and haptic feedback.

The interview is available now on BBC Sounds and starts at 21:04 and you can learn more about the technology by reading the paper.

Hirayama, R., Martinez Plasencia, D., Masuda, N. et al. A volumetric display for visual, tactile and audio presentation using acoustic trapping. Nature 575, 320–323 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1739-5