Star Trek has inspired kids and adults alike since the 60s and one of the most iconic elements is the holodeck. In many ways the holy grail of holography, the holodeck allows a user to walk around in a room and interact with a full three dimensional hologram.

The ability of holograms to control all aspects of the propagation of light allows for much more advanced 3d displays than those achievable using standard stereoscopic technique like 3D cinema.

VividQ Partnership

The CMMPE works closely with VividQ a Cambridge based startup working in the area of full 3d holographic displays. Their technologies bring us one step closer to the goal of completely immersive simualtion.



The CMMPE is developing high field of view projectors that bring the prospect of a holodeck one step closer. While a complete holodeck is still decades away, we hope to pioneer the next step change in technology that makes it possible.