Research Strategy

Haofeng Xu - Indigo Haze

Strategy and Vision

The CMMPE has a long and rich history of research in photonics. To learn more about some of the projects we have worked on or to view our publications visit the Projects and Publications pages.

Looking forward, we envision three areas to be of particular interest:

  1. Application-driven research, including 2D holography, 3D holography, additive manufacuture, UV lithography, compressive sensing, multispectral imaging, endoscopy, early-stage cancer detection, modal multiplexing in optical fibres, and lensless imaging through optical fibres
  2. Photonic device research, developing the newest generation of spatial light modulators, colour filters, optical correlators, optical switches, lasers, fibre sensors, etc.
  3. Fundamental photonic materials research, with a focus on plasmonic materials and liquid crystals. This is complemented by collaborative work done with the Hofmann group and the Joyce group on carbon nanotubes and 2D materials such as graphene.

While these are our three key areas, we have a long history of research across the field of optics and are interested in any ideas that involve photonics, nanofabrication, embedded electronics or holography. To become a part of this read our Opportunities Page or email Tim Wilkinson

CMMPE Strategy