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NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 17/09/1999
Duration: 4 mins 0 secs

``... the uh baseball business idea of the major league owners decided on some changes and and understand that there are not going to be league presidents anymore and baseball that's right there was a meeting of club owners up in cooperstown near the hall of fame this weekend they decided to limit the positions of national league president and american league president which have been around since the formation of these leagues in nearly a hundred years ago the case to the american league and back in in the late eighteen hundreds in the national league the point is that baseball is moving toward a very centralized approach toward managing ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 5     america : 0     basebal : 7     leagu : 19

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 28/07/1999
Duration: 3 mins 43 secs

``... of the resignations storm big victory for murdering them yeah i would say sell on the major league baseball for some time has wanted to change the landscape regarding the umpires and and these mass resignations kind of played into baseball's hands and she said major league baseball hundred twenty five minor league replacement it's currently accepting some of the resignations of two young sons now want back so it appears the rich phillips the head of the umpires union miscalculated on both the union so and and that baseball's reliance on the current experience on its hands we re going into the postseason this is really a serious conspirator ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 2     america : 0     basebal : 11     leagu : 9

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 26/08/1999
Duration: 3 mins 58 secs

``... last year jeanne nichols has been covering toms river baseball for the asbury park press she's in pennsylvania and win support for the world series she says toms river is a town where kids grow up with baseball the accident the world series will be the third time in five years that they have a kind of traditional felt a little kid and now want to play baseball because he was twenty two years ago they were they i have read that there is an indoor year around the league baseball practice to get back to leon the kids can go over there to know whether he'll take batting practice ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 2     america : 0     basebal : 9     leagu : 7

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 08/02/2000
Duration: 3 mins 39 secs

``... yeah yeah tomorrow the major league players baseball union will begin its appeal of atlanta braves pitcher john rockers fine and suspension of the penalties were imposed after arthur made derogatory comments about foreigners minorities on homosexuals in an article in sports illustrated last monday baseball commissioner bud selig find rocker twenty thousand dollars and suspended until may first rocker also signed orders to undergo sensitivity training site minor works as a diversity trainer with major league baseball the national basketball association the national hockey league and the national football league understand what advice he would give iraq i would say to um h. m. o. also comparable in this ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 3     america : 0     basebal : 4     leagu : 5

NPR's `All Things Considered Updates',  This feature is not available
Date: 01/09/1999
Duration: 2 mins 37 secs

``... a third of um there are appearing accounts either sixty six or sixty eight it's great you know on the high sixties of a union members have asked about a third of that uh we're not going to have but now for the you know critical part of the season and into the postseason so it's going to be a a a good time to be a minor league umpire it was a very good time it's rare that you know in a year the you'll get out of five minor league umpires called up in this time major league baseball hundred twenty five to replace these guys so yes ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 3     america : 0     basebal : 6     leagu : 6

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 21/01/2000
Duration: 8 mins 45 secs

``... on baseball and jane says it's wrong for people to demand that rose to admit his guilt baseball signed an agreement with pete rose stating that there is no official finding that rose bet on baseball it is completely inappropriate for baseball to sign an agreement saying there's no finding a bet on baseball and then say that they think i'm well you can't come back because you won't admit you bet on baseball roseanne his attorneys who declined to comment for this story say they will present new evidence in their upcoming meeting with baseball's lawyers right now major league baseball is promising nothing more than this initial meeting ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 3     america : 0     basebal : 29     leagu : 5

New Hit!   NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 27/04/2000
Duration: 1 mins 40 secs

``... track of just who was hitting home major league baseball disciplinarian frank robinson sort of it all out selling lowered the boom today he suspended tigers manager phil garner and the white sox jerry manual for aching feet and it right quote want them well was suspended for fifteen days dean palmer the third baseman who threw the first punch was suspended for eight games well part and was suspended for three in addition all the suspensions nine other players were flying the penalties were the first major one issued by robinson he said by issuing the sanctions major league baseball wanted to send a message that participation in broth ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 0     america : 0     basebal : 4     leagu : 4

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 23/08/1999
Duration: 7 mins 32 secs

``... time is running out for twenty two baseball umpires they submitted their resignations last month hoping to speed up contract negotiations that baseball officials when that strategy failed in the umpires announced they had changed their minds major league baseball said it was too late the umpires is scheduled to lose their jobs next week the umpires union has appealed to the national labor relations board in the meantime at twenty two other fires continue to work and to wonder about the future n. p. r.'s tom goldman spoke with one of them and prepared this report major league umpires lead a strange life they were in the most public ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 5     america : 0     basebal : 12     leagu : 10

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 02/09/1999
Duration: 2 mins 54 secs

``... nearly one third of the major baseball the citadel buyers are out of work this morning fired after last night's game the umpires have been involved in a labor dispute with major league baseball earlier this year in an effort to force an early start the negotiations for a new labor contract the umpires announced they would resign deployed backfired when some of the fires refused to go along and then baseball officials accepted the resignations of the empire then try to unsuccessfully to retract the resignations yesterday the two sides met in philadelphia and worked out a deal the firings of the twenty two umpires will stand and they ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 4     america : 0     basebal : 5     leagu : 4

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 27/08/1999
Duration: 5 mins 31 secs

``... been nightly news on the e. s. p. n. sports network on the plate on top of the incident armando ahmanson fails to achieve it and you know we want any war and we're trying to run for the year frankly i would have a home run numbers go higher theory behind the church keep growing as well many factors appear to be responsible but like a classic baseball rhubarb there is widespread disagreement on which factor is most important instead of this and and author of the respected baseball abstract says it's the stadiums ten years ago major league baseball men generally believed it would be good if we ...''

Keyword Occurences:     go : 3     america : 0     basebal : 14     leagu : 5


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