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Broadcast 26/08/1999, Story 5

For many people the baseball season that is playing itself out this week in williamsport pennsylvania is the only game in town baseball at its purest and it's a true world series the little league championship game is saturday afternoon and toms river new jersey has a very good chance of repeating their world series victory of last year

Jeanne nichols has been covering toms river baseball for the asbury park press she's in pennsylvania and win support for the world series she says toms river is a town where kids grow up with baseball

The accident the world series will be the third time in five years that they have a kind of traditional felt a little kid and now want to play baseball because he was twenty two years ago they were they

I have read that there is an indoor year around the league baseball practice to get back to leon

The kids can go over there to know whether he'll take batting practice practice kitchen and they didn't take advantage of it

The manager of this baseball team is mighty gaynor his son is the star pitcher case again every turn from last year who is my gaynor and why is he is such a great baseball manager

I think that the defense contends another man at the suggestion that kind of look for a long time he had everything worked out at the beginning of the week in terms of what the treaty would you like a lot of people dead and the other thing that everyone comments about the lawyers that he has the kids are allowed to come out here to have fun he doesn't know what to believe that the rest of the game are not the big difference to him and so that americans would be selling the tickets because you know they're having fun

Now what kind of a job as my gaynor have been realized i can't answer for

I was actually owns a chain of athletic apparel stores called the first which i think you know i've been trying to run the business of doing that with the whole list of the week

This team wins the world series last year they lose most of the players right now but you have all been to so how long how unlikely is it that they would be back almost of this close to winning the world has again but frankly i i can't

Of the best way to look into the public that the odds when they start from the competition between the world to seven thousand teens start in there right now they're going to american team lost and international team of the agenda for those already begun to get returning and i think you said you'd ever like to hear about it last year to develop a possible

His son casey have is the star pitcher there's a bit of controversy in the league about the curve ball case he does to observe all that in massachusetts i gather the curve ball during the regular little league season is not allowed to read is on the plan also what's the deal with a curve ball and this twelve year old pitcher

I think that there's been some conflicting studies about whether or not you know throwing a curve ball can damage the delegates on some people think it can and that's what it allows like to think that in the end of the other way

And if it does is it one of his sounds better to just get

But i don't like it should have done very little regard to the rockies he never heard a cut on the judge said that in a minute and that's what's it like

Watching all these little league teams play

But the tiny camera caught up in it and you know you're trying to remain my contract so that it was a very difficult because of the ninety's listen to the parents and they're extremely nervous i think in most cases like one of the kids that they can't do anything to know what to do to really get out there and you can't help rooting for the kids but this is much lower than that of our listeners and i actually to be identified and more interesting and major league baseball that story and fewer workers were thinking that oh you're welcome

A specialist in williamsport pennsylvania to write about the little league world series for the asbury park press toms river used laser phoenix city alabama tonight if they win that be in the series final saturday playing the winner of the international competition

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