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Broadcast 01/09/1999, Story 1

After a long running labor dispute major league baseball tonight is reached an agreement with its home buyers an agreement that leads twenty two of the umpires out of work the umpires who had submitted their resignations in protest earlier this season wanted to re claim their jobs but baseball insisted on except in the resignations for joining us now is n. p. r.'s tom goldman to discuss the arrangement that tom what you know about the deal

I'm robert d. on the

Those are just starting to come in we we have discussed the news probably within the last half hour end of the judge she was presiding over this case has slapped a gag order over the the main participants of this information is really coming through some baseball officials who reportedly had been informed about the talks or directly involved on basically that the twenty two jobs have been lost

And that's really a lot of labor experts were saying baseball just didn't have a case the term players who resigned in even though we believe they were saying well the the resignations were just symbolic that really didn't hold up so they finally were forced to actually resigned to lose their jobs in exchange for a fair amount of money in compensation on the union that outside we'll get to one point three

The one point three six million dollars in post season bonus payments and they can divide that alley one among their union members of the pope and benefits for the rest of the season and that in exchange the union will withdraw its lawsuit against major league baseball of this whole matter

Tom uh uh a hundred twenty two umpires has that number figure in terms of the number of major league

By linton and yet that the rubber that's about a third of um there are appearing accounts either sixty six or sixty eight it's great you know on the high sixties of a union members have asked about a third of that uh we're not going to have but now for the you know critical part of the season and into the postseason

So it's going to be a a a good time to be a minor league umpire

It was a very good time it's rare that you know in a year the you'll get out of five minor league umpires called up in this time major league baseball hundred twenty five to replace these guys so yes it's a very exciting time it's been a very tense time because these guys have had to fight

The accusations that they their stamps in the sense that sunday been lying low and i think they're very excited and ready to go to the question will be will uh someone inexperience umpires have an effect on on the important part of the season is beginning to uh

Tom thank you very much thank you robert

N. p. r.'s tom goldman

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