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Broadcast 27/04/2000, Story 16

This is n. p. r.'s all things considered i'm robert siegal and i'm noah adams major league baseball has suspended or fined twenty five players involved in the bench clearing brawl during saturday's detroit tigers chicago white sox game

N. p. r.'s cheryl corley has details there were actually two sites the first started after batters on both sides were hit by pitches and when detroit third baseman dean palmer got beaten by the white sox jim parquet the freight was on palmer charge the mound and baseball players from both ventures in balkans race then

But that was just the beginning and as the number of injections began to add up to the fighting continued even on fire crew chief admitted it was difficult to keep track of just who was hitting home major league baseball disciplinarian frank robinson sort of it all out selling lowered the boom today

He suspended tigers manager phil garner and the white sox jerry manual for aching feet and it right quote want them well was suspended for fifteen days dean palmer the third baseman who threw the first punch was suspended for eight games

Well part and was suspended for three in addition all the suspensions nine other players were flying the penalties were the first major one issued by robinson he said by issuing the sanctions major league baseball wanted to send a message that participation in broth like this one will be handled swiftly robinson said the fight show the lack of sportsmanship and sent the wrong message to fans

The white sox are in first place in the american league central the tigers and left the two teams open a three game series tomorrow night in detroit cheryl corley n. p. r. news chicago

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