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Broadcast 02/09/1999, Story 15

Nearly one third of the major baseball the citadel buyers are out of work this morning fired after last night's game

The umpires have been involved in a labor dispute with major league baseball earlier this year in an effort to force an early start the negotiations for a new labor contract

The umpires announced they would resign deployed backfired when some of the fires refused to go along and then baseball officials accepted the resignations of the empire then try to unsuccessfully to retract the resignations yesterday the two sides met in philadelphia and worked out a deal

The firings of the twenty two umpires will stand and they will be paid to december after the scene a mediator will decide if the firings are legal

That wasn't much consolation for the umpires who last night may have called their last game from los angeles steve simon report prepared this report

The twenty two of us are going on for the rest of the season

For building on any other major league umpires throughout the week it was an emotional evening here in los angeles three of the four umpires who called last night's game between the dodgers and the milwaukee brewers are on the list of those being let go and after the game two of the departing umpires agreed to meet with reporters to express their anger and their bitterness forty four year old pontiff did an empire since nineteen eighty nine the year but in a situation that now

We're and i'd just like any slate how well my heart goes up so badly broken by a baseball i put a lot of effort and energy to deal with a financial league umpire to be uh terminate the way i am i i just it's hard to say there was even more emotion than the voice of forty two year old tom elliott

Another player since nineteen eighty six i married my taxes

I hope the umpires have received a great deal of support from those the judge and often argue with the players

Last night many players said the umpires will be missed los angeles dodger catcher todd hundley every guy out there is the only person and that's you know with a well you know that and uh that's what uh you know hurts she first made to to to see this happen to them they are for the uh as human beings and um you know it's tough to go through the umpires are hopeful that they will be reinstated by and mediator

But somehow the end says if this was his last days he was proud of the way he handled himself

Out of my head high major league baseball begins using replacement umpires starting today for n. p. r. news i'm steve wasserman in los angeles

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