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Howard Hodson's Current Research


Howard Hodson is Professor of Aerothermal Engineering at the Whittle Laboratory which is part of the Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery and Thermodynamics Division of the Cambridge University Engineering Department. He is also a member of Girton College..

These web pages describe some of the research that is carried out by Howard Hodson, the Post-Doctoral staff and PhD students working with him at the Whittle Laboratory. This research is primarily in the general area of turbine aerodynamics, but includes areas such as heat transfer, measurement instrumentation and data analysis techniques.

The research conducted by this group is in the area of turbine aerodynamics, heat transfer and developing new flow measurement technologies. The research group utilises both experimental and numerical techniques to obtain a greater understanding of the flow physics. This understanding is then applied in the design of advanced turbines and compressors for power generation, aerospace and automotive applications.

The group is also active in the field of micro-electronic and mechanical systems (MEMS), including their application in sensing and in smart turbomachinery

Downloadable copies of papers, Ph.D. theses and some lecture courses published by the group are available in the publications section.

Research Topics

Choose one of the following research sub-topics:

Low Pressure Turbine Research

*Introduction to LP turbine reserach

*High Lift LP turbines

*A computation of unsteady flow in an LP turbine

*Pressure side separation bubbles in LP turbines

*Secondary flow/pressure side separation bubble interactions in LP turbines

*Radial Turbine Research

*Over tip leakage

*Fundamental Boundary Layer Research

*A study of wake boundary layer transition using liquid crystals

*A new intermittency model incorporating the calming effect

*High Pressure Turbine Research

High Pressure Steam Turbine Research

*High Pressure Gas Turbine Research

*Measurement Technologies

*Hot-wire anemometers

*Hot-film anemometers

*A miniature anemometer

*Ammonia-Diazo technique for flow visualisation and evaluating film cooling effectiveness

*Thermochromic Liquid Crystals for flow visualisation and heat transfer measurement

Other Flow Visualisation Techniques

*Pressure Probes for traversing/flow field measurement

*Using the method of least squares for fast response pressure probes and hot-wires

*Using the method of least squares to improve the calibration of conventional multi-hole pressure probes


 *The pages are currently under construction


Contact Information

 E-mail: hph@eng.cam.ac.uk

 Department Address: Whittle Laboratory University of Cambridge, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0DS

 Telephone: +44 1223 3 37588

 Fax: +44 1223 3 337596 Secretary: +44 3 337581



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