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Current Research at the Whittle Laboratory

Research in the following areas is conducted at the Whittle Laboratory. At the end of each project summary is a list of members of staff involved. The names of research students appear in brackets. Further information can be obtained from the staff member whose name appears first on the list.

 Compressor Aerodynamics

 Dr. Ivor Day

 Dr. Tom Hynes

 Dr. John Longley

 Prof. Howard Hodson

 Turbine Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer

 Prof. Howard Hodson


 Prof. Howard Hodson

Dr Rob Miller

 Computational Fluid Dynamics

 Prof. Howard Hodson

Dr Liping Xu

Further useful information may be found in

 Research Opportunities at the Whittle Laboratory



The staff always have a wide selection of research projects for which they wish to recruit good research students. In some cases it is possible to fund studentships from research contracts whilst others are supported via EPSRC Studentships. Prospective research students are encouraged to contact members of staff in charge of projects in which they are especially interested.

For further details of the Laboratory's work in general, to discuss possible research contracts, or to enquire about enrolment as a research student, please contact the relevant member of staff or the Administrator at the

Whittle Laboratory
Department of Engineering
Madingley Road



Tel: +44-1223-337581 (direct)
Tel: +44-1223-332600 (switchboard)

Fax: +44-1223-337596

Email: Whittle-enquiries@eng.cam.ac.uk




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