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Welcome to the Whittle Laboratory (CUED)

The Whittle Laboratory is part of the Cambridge University Engineering Department. It is situated about 2 miles from the Department of Engineering on the West Cambridge Site.

The Laboratory specialises in research into the fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of all types of turbomachinery.

The laboratory has excellent contacts with industry and other research organisations. Much of the research is supported by contracts from industries and governments from around the world. The work in the Laboratory is equally divided between the numerical prediction of the flow through turbomachines and the experimental research using a wide variety of facilities.

The Laboratory has first class computational and experimental facilities and offers many unique opportunities for high quality research

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For further details of the Laboratory's work in general, to discuss possible research contracts or job opportunities, or to enquire about enrolment as a research student, please contact the relevant member of staff or the Whittle Laboratory Administrator.

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