Reacting Flows

TiRe-LII measurements

Planar two-dimensional two-colour time-resolved laser-induced incandescence (2D-2C-TiRe-LII) is developed to investigate soot formation in a standard ethylene laminar diffusion flame. The time resolution of the 2D LII signal is realized by shifting the delay time of ICCD cameras. The two-colour configuration is applied to measure the peak temperature (Tp) of soot particles immediately after the laser pulse rather than using the energy balance to compute Tp. The Sauter mean diameter D32 and the corresponding distribution width parameter of the measured soot particles is extracted by using an error minimization method.

Temporal evolution of the LII signal at 400 nm and 450 nm. Interval start times are marked in each image..

Colour maps of the maximum likelihood estimators value as a function of the distribution width and the median diameter.

Further details in: Tian, B., Zhang, C., Gao, Y., & Hochgreb, S. (2017). Aerosol Science and Technology, 51(12), 1345-1353. DOI: []

Last updated on 13 Feb 2019