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NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 10/04/2000
Duration: 2 mins 32 secs

``... affairs of state takes precedence over familiar with judy after all britain's prime minister tony blair will take some time off from his wife cherie gives birth but he says he will not actually be taken paternity leave from london n. p. r.'s julie mccarthy has this blair baby update there are days when tony blair gets no respect at all this morning there were hereditary peers in northern ireland peace process in tatters the department of labor party is not to wait until monday mayor you think blair would meet with the opportunity to hang around moscow citizens of sounding something like this when you were little good news ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 2     blair : 8     patern : 3     leav : 3

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 29/03/2000
Duration: 3 mins 6 secs

``... along just fine for a week without blair think that's what he's worried about the conservatives are licking their chops at the prospect of blair be out of the limelight and leaving his deputy in charge john prescott is known for his political blunders he wants to lead the tories by saying that quite a lot of people would be paying more taxes under a blair government but her key to an end and the european correspondent for the finish broadcasting company says it will air may be exaggerating his own importance when the finnish prime minister took his paternity leave no one really noticed that doesn't seem all that ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 2     blair : 9     patern : 2     leav : 5

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 27/04/2000
Duration: 6 mins 25 secs

``... that that terrain is well known that out today we need to wait it out it can livingston is a lesser assault on politics and former leader of the greater london council that margaret thatcher disbanded in nineteen eighty six is back as the eccentric foreign aid tony blair side he keeps frogs and toads and new known as red ink and for his leftist leanings his old labor did tony blair's new middle of the road third way the populist in polyester traverses the city and approval double decker bus attracting attention like the pop star the blast tony blair for maneuvering and out of the labor party's nomination ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 6     blair : 8     patern : 0     leav : 0

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 23/02/2000
Duration: 2 mins 42 secs

``... accused the government of seeking to ban free mail because it might give a free publicity to the candidate of the labor party loves to hate ken livingston known affectionately as a red candle as the former head of the greater london council livingstone's leftist leanings were such a source of irritation to then prime minister margaret thatcher she disbanded the council tony blair seems to have extended as much energy on the railing redskins candidacy as he has on persuading threatened to get on board the euro livingston's enduring popularity has proved a huge headache for labor rights he leaves every opinion poll and he's likely to run as ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 2     blair : 2     patern : 0     leav : 1

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 01/07/1999
Duration: 3 mins 34 secs

``... in belfast negotiations on the future of northern ireland have resumed yesterday as marathon talks lasted well past the midnight deadline that failed to resolve differences between catholics and protestants over the issue of paramilitary disarmament n. p. r.'s phillip davis is in belfast british prime minister tony blair said the midnight deadline what happened well what happened was that the midnight deadline came and went and the negotiators are not able to come to any sort of agreement about the main sticking point in these talks which is howling paramilitary groups like the irish republican army are going to lay down their weapons so the process is called decommissioning ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 4     blair : 4     patern : 0     leav : 0

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 17/04/2000
Duration: 4 mins 14 secs

``... news conference during his first visit to the west since being elected back in march he told reporters that he wrote that a cavalier for ignoring the seeds of the conflict which he described as islamic terrorism mister toten also gave no ground on the question of reopening the nineteen seventy two anti ballistic missile treaty but washington seeks to amend from london n. p. r.'s julie mccarthy reports that britain's tony blair made plain he is ready to play as a mediator who's twenty four hour visit was as much about blair's ambitions as it was the russian leader's blair is increasingly looking to expand british influence in european ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 2     blair : 9     patern : 0     leav : 0

BBC's `The World Today',  This feature is not available
Date: 06/03/2000
Duration: 59 mins 9 secs

``... it's fourteen minutes to eight central european time this is the world they good morning to you the british prime minister tony blair and his wife are expected to start court action today and with the publication by british estate that of an account of life with the players in downing street the account account account before the pages of the diary kept by today's former nanny last month mr. blair and his life story and obtained a court injunction against the mail on sunday newspaper yesterday to stop the publication of a new details in a statement is the message he would do whatever it takes to protect his ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 1     blair : 2     patern : 0     leav : 0

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 31/03/2000
Duration: 4 mins 3 secs

``... british politicians are fighting over whether homosexuality should be discussed in schools prime minister tony blair wants to repeal a law that bars teachers from promoting homosexuality in any way but blair has been rebuffed by conservatives for using the issue to with that sentiment against the ruling labor party from london n. p. r.'s madeleine brand reports it has an unremarkable name section twenty eight but for people like or will it be spokeswoman for the gay rights groups done while the measure is loaded with them is that we have so they can target one set of society and a strong second he was past ten years ago ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 2     blair : 6     patern : 0     leav : 0

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 11/10/1999
Duration: 3 mins 18 secs

``... ten months after he resigned as trade minister over a questionable loan related to his house and fashionable not until else while the buffalo london for the seclusion of the field world castle just outside belfast unemployment here is not within the authority of the anti incumbent envelope to robert forster a more research says tony blair has shown just how security feel empowered by returning mendelson has already shown for political judgment he is certainly a brazen and constant movement at the same time the way they like it it's the arrogance of fun travel to power and tony blair's got it and number ten downing street mendelson comes ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 2     blair : 3     patern : 0     leav : 0

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 28/06/1999
Duration: 4 mins 21 secs

``... those participants to try and bring about the collection of indicating that that maybe the fed is an absolute commitment british prime minister tony blair and irish prime minister bertie ahern will meet with unionist and republican leaders in belfast's to hammer out a deal blair wants to have a deal done by wednesday june thirtieth to july first traditionally marked the beginning of the summer season of partisan membership margins the markets are seen as a provocation to northern ireland's catholics and nobody thinks any real negotiations will get done that while protestants are marching defiantly through catholic strongholds blair hopes that the unionists will accept a formula in ...''

Keyword Occurences:     toni : 2     blair : 6     patern : 0     leav : 0


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