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Broadcast 10/04/2000, Story 8

Affairs of state takes precedence over familiar with judy after all britain's prime minister tony blair will take some time off from his wife cherie gives birth but he says he will not actually be taken paternity leave from london n. p. r.'s julie mccarthy has this blair baby update there are days when tony blair gets no respect at all

This morning there were hereditary peers in northern ireland peace process in tatters the department of labor party is not to wait until monday mayor you think blair would meet with the opportunity to hang around moscow citizens of sounding something like this

When you were little good news

But we're family went to the value of whom may twenty fourth and we're also interesting that britain's all committee and have told the observer newspaper he cannot make a complete break but more and cut back on his official duties of course i want to spend more time with your read when the kids is born blair said but i would be kidding you if i was to say

Not going to pick up the phone if there's a crisis that's ridiculous the father of two teenagers and a twelve year old senator i have to run the country

Just how modern britain's first couple years has been the subject of debate ever century stunned her husband am the country with the news that she was pregnant with their fourth child at age forty five a successful employment attorney sherri pressed her case publicly

Suggesting that her husband told her at home and the cause of paternity leave and unpaid benefit in britain lucky for blair the lives of all the sports you can simply found upstairs the downing street for quick change of the baby

Belinda phillips of the national childbirth trust says she would have preferred blair takes full paternity leave it and he's in order to come up with a that's why you can see that this speech to the extent that promises to do something like this month that he's taking the steps that whole ah the candidate's a crook signals about the contract the fact that the world's tabloids have cashed in on the blair be the frenzied snowball makers are taking our common name

With jack and chloe favorites a twelve to want to win mccarthy n. p. r. news london

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