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Broadcast 29/03/2000, Story 10

The wife of british prime minister tony blair has placed her husband in an awkward position she's forcing him to decide which is more important his job running britain for the birth of his fourth child to read blair believes her husband should take time off after the baby is born she's seven months pregnant and p. r.'s madeline black brown reports from london


Also present is wondering will he or won't he

Even blair himself isn't sure i'm trying to suggest that a lot of other countries around jury blair a high powered lawyer who seems to have a full time second job jetting around the world on official visits think he should do what his counterpart in finland and the prime minister there took six days parental leave earlier this month he also took time off two years ago for the birth of his first child

Sherry blair told a group of lawyers that she is promoting the widespread adoption of that fine example the lives of its head of the national childbirth trust agrees

We got to the pentagon for the country and to the well connected

That says britain recently joined the rest of the european union and passed a law giving them up to three months' unpaid paternity leave but if you are taking advantage of it

In advance of the matter that the government is based on the value of adults with weapons in society going out to us to contribute economically and perhaps we just need to look at that time slot and remember that many adults so that parents and that in itself has a huge founding continued today to take time off which is that they should make sure that the promise to defeat of nazi cases

And the land of it's sad that the country would get along just fine for a week without blair think that's what he's worried about the conservatives are licking their chops at the prospect of blair be out of the limelight and leaving his deputy in charge john prescott is known for his political blunders he wants to lead the tories by saying that quite a lot of people would be paying more taxes under a blair government

But her key to an end and the european correspondent for the finish broadcasting company says it will air may be exaggerating his own importance when the finnish prime minister took his paternity leave no one really noticed

That doesn't seem all that many people would be too much attention to his senses the city council for one week but kind of intense young fathers independent candidates and their prime minister took time off two years ago and to compensate for interested in my company fathers hundred forty take up to leave hundred percent of those over forty of the two percent

Tony blair he is a forty six which may explain why he's dithering overtaking believe me they can't quite decide which side of the generational says he sits on he certainly can't be worried about the loss of income in a true sex role reversal his wife makes about three times as much as he does so if anyone should worry about being indispensable at number ten downing street it's shown the jury madeleine brand n. p. r. news london

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