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Broadcast 11/10/1999, Story 3

The man responsible for staging the political relations coup that propelled blair and his party so long in the political wilderness back into power spin doctor peter mann also takes over the coast of northern ireland secretary replacing the cabinet's most prominent female minister mo mowlam mendelson acknowledged she assumes one of the government's most sensitive portfolios

What does that mean everyone comes along and a lot of time today

That doesn't surprise return comes only ten months after he resigned as trade minister over a questionable loan related to his house and fashionable not until else while the buffalo london for the seclusion of the field world castle just outside belfast

Unemployment here is not within the authority of the anti incumbent envelope to robert forster a more research says tony blair has shown just how security feel empowered by returning mendelson has already shown for political judgment he is certainly a brazen and constant movement at the same time the way they like it

It's the arrogance of fun travel to power and tony blair's got it

And number ten downing street mendelson comes to the job at a time when the peace process is in peril former u. s. senator george mitchell has soldiers on to keep of real peace alive and president clinton has recently expressed his frustration political commentator anthony howard says mendelson brings a clean slate

Let me give you a very good is extremely dedicated professional and um to try to talk of negotiating that's the end of this was during her tour in belfast mo mowlam suffered from a brain tumor she also suffered the repeated flights from ulster unionists who accused her of siding with champagne the political associate of the irish republican army david trimble nobel laureates and the leader

Of the ulster unionist party would no longer speak to her today he said he was eager to begin discussions with metals and the prime minister's most trusted political advisers and we'll come up

Soundbite of forward to working with him

So we're going to go for a meeting but i was going to be learned a little bit more mo mowlam was over the head of the cabinet officer jeff who is the new defense minister experience in european negotiations at a time when the e. u. is grappling with a common defense policy he replaces george robertson who moves to brussels to become the secretary general of nato to a mccarthy and p. r. news london

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