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Publications 2016

    336. Joule heating effects in nanoscale carbon-based memory devices. T. A. Bachmann, A. M. Alexeev, W. W. Koelmans, F. Zipoli, A. K. Ott, C. Dou, A. C. Ferrari, V. K. Nagareddy, M. F. Craciun, V. P. Jonnalagadda, A. Curioni, A. Sebastian, E. Eleftheriou, C. D. Wright; IEEE NMDC, Oct., 1-2 (2016). (pdf)

    335. Long Spin Diffusion Length in Few-Layer Graphene Flakes. W. Yan, L. C. Phillips, M. Barbone, S. J. Hamalainen, A. Lombardo, M. Ghidini, X. Moya, F. Maccherozzi, S. van Dijken, S. S. Dhesi, A. C. Ferrari, N. D. Mathur; Phys. Rev. Lett., 117, 147201 (2016). (pdf)

    334. High Responsivity, Large-Area Graphene/MoS2 Flexible Photodetectors. D. De Fazio, I. Goykhman, M. Bruna, A. Eiden, S. Milana, D. Yoon, U. Sassi, M. Barbone, D. Dumcenco, K. Marinov, A. Kis, A. C. Ferrari; ACS Nano, 10, 8252 (2016). (pdf)

    333. Carbon-Based Resistive Memories. W. W. Koelmans, T. Bachmann, F. Zipoli, A. K. Ott, C. Dou, A. C. Ferrari, O. Cojocaru-Miredin, S. Zhang, C. Scheu, M. Wuttig, V. K. Nagareddy, M. F. Craciun, A. M. Alexeev, C. D. Wright, V. P. Jonnalagadda, A. Curioni, A. Sebastian, E. Eleftheriou; IEEE International Memory Workshop (IMW), 1-4 (2016). (pdf)

    332. Liquid-Phase Exfoliation of Graphite into Single- and Few-Layer Graphene with α-Functionalized Alkanes. S. Haar, M. Bruna, J. X. Lian, F. Tomarchio, Y. Olivier, R. Mazzaro, V. Morandi, J. Moran, A. C. Ferrari, D. Beljonne, A Ciesielski, P. Samori; J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, 2714 (2016). (pdf)

    331. On-chip integrated, silicon-graphene plasmonic Schottky photodetector, with high responsivity and avalanche photogain. I. Goykhman, U. Sassi, B. Desiatov, N. Mazurski, S. Milana, D. De Fazio, A. Eiden, J. Khurgin, J. Shappir, U. Levy, A. C. Ferrari; Nano Lett., 16, 3005 (2016). (pdf)

    330. Light-enhanced liquid-phase exfoliation and current photoswitching in graphene-azobenzene composites. M. Dobbelin, A. Ciesielski, S. Haar, S. Osella, M. Bruna, A. Minoia, L. Grisanti, T. Mosciatti, F. Richard, E. A. Prasetyanto, L. De Cola, V. Palermo, R. Mazzaro, V. Morandi, Roberto Lazzaroni, A. C. Ferrari, D. Beljonne, P. Samori; Nature Commun., 7, 11090 (2016). (pdf).

    329. Stable, Surfactant-Free Graphene-Styrene Methylmethacrylate Composite for Ultrafast Lasers. F. Torrisi, D. Popa, S. Milana, Z. Jiang, T. Hasan, E. Lidorikis, A. C. Ferrari; Adv. Optical Mater., 4, 1088 (2016). (pdf).

    328. Atomically thin quantum light-emitting diodes. C. Palacios-Berraquero, M. Barbone, D. M. Kara, X. Chen, I. Goykhman, D. Yoon, A. K. Ott, J. Beitner, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, A. C. Ferrari, M. Atatüre; Nature Commun., 7, 12978 (2016). (pdf)

    327. Tunnelling anisotropic magnetoresistance at La0.67Sr0.33MnO3-graphene interfaces. L.C. Phillips, A. Lombardo, M. Ghidini, W. Yan, S. Kar-Narayan, S.J. Hamalainen, M. Barbone, S. Milana, S. van Dijken, A. C. Ferrari, N. D. Mathur; Appl. Phys. Lett., 108, 112405 (2016). (pdf).

    326. Raman Radiation Patterns of Graphene. H. Budde, N. C. Lopez, X. Shi, R. Ciesielski, A. Lombardo, D. Yoon, A. C. Ferrari, A. Hartschuh; ACS Nano, 10, 1756 (2016). (pdf).

    325. Raman fingerprints of atomically precise graphene nanoribbons. I. Verzhbitskiy, M. De Corato, A. Ruini, E. Molinari, A. Narita, Y. Hu, M. G. Schwab, M. Bruna, D. Yoon, S. Milana, X. Feng, K. Mullen, A. C. Ferrari, C. Casiraghi, D. Prezzi; Nano Lett., 16, 3442 (2016). (pdf).

    324. Transport conductivity of graphene at RF and microwave frequencies. S. A. Awan, A. Lombardo, A. Colli, G. Privitera, T. S. Kulmala, J. M. Kivioja, M. Koshino, A. C. Ferrari; 2D Materials, 3, 015010 (2016). (pdf).

    323. Surface Plasmon Polariton Graphene Photodetectors. T. J. Echtermeyer, S. Milana, U. Sassi, A. Eiden, M. Wu, E. Lidorikis, A.C. Ferrari; Nano Lett., 16, 8 (2016). (pdf).

    322. Graphene-Based Interfaces do not Alter Target Nerve Cells. A. Fabbro, D. Scaini, V. Leon, E. Vazquez, G. Cellot, G. Privitera, L. Lombardi, F. Torrisi, F. Tomarchio, F. Bonaccorso, S. Bosi, A. C. Ferrari, L. Ballerini, M. Prato; ACS Nano, 10, 615 (2016). (pdf).

    321. Photo-Induced Bandgap Renormalization Governs the Ultrafast Response of Single-Layer MoS2 . E. A. A. Pogna, M. Marsili, D. D. Fazio, S. D. Conte, C. Manzoni, D. Sangalli, D. Yoon, A. Lombardo, A. C. Ferrari, A. Marini, G. Cerullo, D. Prezzi; ACS Nano, 10, 1182 (2016). (pdf).

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