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Published Patents

We list here the published patents.
For not publicly accessible patents and patent applications please contract our Business Developer at busdev[at]

    16. Layered material based quantum light emitting device. M. Engel, M.B. Steiner, A.C. Ferrari, A. Lombardo, M. Barbone, M. Atature, C. Palacios-Berraquero, D.M. Kara, I. Goykhman. US10903396B1 (2019). (pdf).

    15. Laser Device. D. Popa, G. Cerullo, T. Scopigno, D. Polli, A.C. Ferrari. US20200203911A1 (2017). (pdf).

    14. Treatment of Polymer Particles. A.C. Ferrari, S.A. Hodge, P. Karagiannidis, Y. Lin. US20200291192A1 (2017). (pdf).

    13. Functionalized graphene, preparation method thereof, and polyorganosiloxane. Y. Xu, Y. Lin, S. Hodge, A.C. Ferrari. US20190233702A1 (2017). (pdf).

    12. Functional inks based on layered materials and printed layered materials. F. Torrisi, T. Hasan, F. Bonaccorso, A.C. Ferrari. US9718972B2 (2012). (pdf).

    11. An apparatus and a method for detecting photons. T.J. Echtermeyer, E. Lidorikis, A. Colli, J. Kivioja, A.C. Ferrari. US20160254398A1 (2014). (pdf).

    10. Graphene-based MIM diode and associated methods. A. Colli, S.A. Awan, A. Lombardo, T.J. Echtermeyer, T. Kulmala, A.C. Ferrari. US9202945B2 (2011). (pdf).

    9. Photodetection. A. Colli, T.J. Echtermeyer, A. Eiden, A.C. Ferrari. US8927964B2 (2012). (pdf).

    8. Layered materials and methods for their processing. P. Karagiannidis, S.A. Hodge, A.C. Ferrari, F. Torrisi. WO2017060497A1 (2015). (pdf).

    7. Optoelectronic device employing a microcavity including a two-dimensional carbon lattice structure. P. Avouris, M.B. Steiner, M. Engel, R. Krupke, A.C. Ferrari, A. Lombardo. US8610989B2 (2011). (pdf).

    6. Nanomaterial polymer compositions and uses thereof. O. Rozhin, A.C. Ferrari, W. I. Milne. US8323789B2 (2007). (pdf).

    5. Superconducting Materials. F. Giustino, A.C. Ferrari, G. Savini. US20110269629A1 (2010). (pdf).

    4. Enhancing performance in ink-jet printed organic semiconductors. P. Beecher, A. Colli, O. Rozhin, P. Servati, A. Fasoli, A.C. Ferrari, A. Flewitt, J. Robertson, W.I. Milne. US20070275498A1 (2006). (pdf).

    3. Methods and systems for creating a material with nanomaterials. R. Murphy, O. Rozhin, A.C. Ferrari, J. Robertson, W.I. Milne. US20070275230A1 (2006). (pdf).

    2. Multi-structure nanowire and method of manufacturing the same. J.-H. Park, S.-L. Maeng, R.-M. Park, A.C. Ferrari, A. Fasoli, A. Colli. US20100117058A1 (2007). (pdf).

    1. Optical Nanomaterial Compositions. O. Rozhin, A.C. Ferrari, W. I. Milne. US20110163280A1 (2006). (pdf).