Europractice Activities in the University of Cambridge



The University of Cambridge is an Associate Member of the EUROPRACTICE Initiative.   Our Europractice Site Number is A 35780.

EUROPRACTICE is a European Union initiative, funded by IST (Information Society Technologies Programme), which aims to stimulate the wider exploitation of state-of-the-art microelectronics technologies within Europe. The ultimate goal of EUROPRACTICE is to enhance European industrial competitiveness in the global marketplace.  EUROPRACTICE is open to industrial companies (especially SMEs), research institutes and academic users.

EUROPRACTICE provides five Basic Services:

For more information about EUROPRACTICE and its Basic Services, follow  this link.

Until the end of September 2003, the University was also a member of the Mentor Direct scheme, under which software from Mentor Graphics was made available for teaching and research.   A separate local site hosts local resources and information about Mentor Graphics activity in the University of Cambridge.  Please note that with effect from 1 October 2003 this membership lapsed and all Mentor products are now taken via Europractice (see below).

The University representative for Europractice is David Holburn, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.  If your Department is interested in making use of facilities available through EUROPRACTICE, please browse this set of pages for further information and contact me if you need further details.

Mailing Lists

Two mailing lists have been set up.  These will augment the information being provided on these pages, which is essentially static.  They will provide an archive of information about various aspects of Europractice and the University's membership of the scheme.   Important local announcements about participation in and withdrawal from packages and services under Europractice will be be published by this means.  Europractice users are strongly encouraged to subscribe. 

In addition, the possibility of distributing licences, install scripts and other software items by this means is being considered (late news: this is not being introduced for the moment over problems with mails carrying certain types of attachments).

Users will be able to decide whether or not to receive messages directed via this route, or whether to read a digest on the web, or in a newsgroup.  

For information about subscribing to this service, please click this cam-only link.

Obtaining software or other services under EUROPRACTICE

EUROPRACTICE offers several packages at concessionary rates for use in the University for teaching and research.  If you are interested in using one of these packages and need to set up a workstation in your own department, you will need to purchase one or more licenses from EUROPRACTICE. 

Please note the following.

Registering a design for fabrication via the EUROPRACTICE foundry service

EUROPRACTICE offers various routes to fabrication at concessionary rates for use in the University for teaching and research.  If you are interested in submitting a design for fabrication, you will need to make use of the EUROPRACTICE Design Registration service.  This is administered by IMEC in Belgium, but is largely web-based.

Please note the following:

Good luck with your submission.

Existing users in Cambridge

A range of packages and services are in use or have been in use in several University departments.

Note that email addresses denoted as: (CRSid) must have: appended.





Computer Laboratory
New Museums Site
Pembroke Street
Cambridge   CB2 3QG


Dr Graham Titmus gt19 (CRSid)


Dr Graham Titmus gt19 (CRSid)


Not in use  
Mentor Dr Graham Titmus
Dr Robert Mullins
gt19 (CRSid)
rdm34 (CRSid)
Synopsys Dr Graham Titmus
Dr Simon Moore
swm11 (CRSid)

Department of Physics
Cavendish Laboratory
Madingley Road, Cambridge


Dr Steve Wotton
Dr Bart Hommels
mjg11 (CRSid)
Cadence Dr Steve Wotton wotton@hep.phy
Synopsys Not in use TBA
Mentor Dr Steve Wotton wotton@hep.phy

Radio Astronomy
Cavendish Laboratory
Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 OHE


Not currently in use

Department of Engineering
Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1PZ


Dr David Holburn dmh14 (CRSid)
Xilinx TBA
Mr Guy Roberts
ijw24 (CRSid)
gfr23 (CRSid)
Mentor Dr David Holburn dmh14 (CRSid)
Cadence Mr John Norcott
Prof Florin Udrea
Prof Arokia Nathan
jpn25 (CRSid)
Prof Florin Udrea fu@eng
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,
New Museums Site,
Pembroke Street, Cambridge
Cadence IC
Not currently in use

Department of Chemistry
Lensfield Road, Cambridge

Calypto Catapult

Mr Victor Ostanin
Prof Klenerman's group
From May 2011
Announced withdrawal in 2012
vpo20 (CRSid)
Synopsys 1x FEV
Synopsys 1x SFPGA
Xilinx 25x Vivado
Dr Jonathan Kimmitt
Computational Chemistry
From November 2015
jrrk2 (CRSid)

Europractice Invoices

Europractice issues annual invoices which cover 'bundled' fees charged in advance for maintenance of the software suites in use in the University.  These are normally sent out in late July to cover the following academic year, 1 October to 30th September.  The invoice is settled by means of a single payment remitted by the Engineering Department Finance Office.  The invoice must be settled in early September to maintain continuity of service.  New licences will not be issued by Europractice until payment has been received.  

On receipt of the invoice, there is an opportunity for us to inform Europractice of any tools we wish to discontinue under the scheme; however, this is a limited-time opportunity. If informed promptly of any tools being discontinued, Europractice will amend the invoice where appropriate. But it is not possible to ask for this to be done retrospectively. From about the middle of August no further amendments to the invoice will be actioned by Europractice.

As there is no central funding to meet these costs, the principle operated is that departments and groups contribute towards the costs of those packages they use. 

The following invoices have been captured.  They are visible only to browsers on


Year Status

2006-7 Settled
2007-8 Settled
2008-9 Settled
2009-10 Settled
2010-11 Settled
2011-12 Settled
2012-13 Settled
2013-14 Settled
2014-15 Settled
2015-16 Settled
2016-17a   2016-17b Settled


Europractice Resources


Note: Certain items are accessible only in

1   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2007-8 Release - Licence Keys for 2008 (rec 19 Dec 2007)newtiny.gif (139 bytes)
2   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2007-8 Release - Install files and Licence Keys for 2007 (received c. 15 Nov 2007) newtiny.gif (139 bytes)
2   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2007-8 Release - Deliverables (received c. 15 Oct 2007) newtiny.gif (139 bytes)

4   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2006-7 Release - Install files and Licence Keys (received c. 15th January 2007
5   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2006-7 Release - Deliverables (received c. 15 January 2007) 
6   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2005 Release - Renewed Licence Key Files (received January 2007)  

7   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2005 Release - Install files and temporary Licence Keys (received 15-25 October 2005) 
8   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2005 Release - Deliverables (received 20 October 2005) 
8   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2004/5 Release - Renewed Licence Key Files (received January 2006)  

10 EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2004/5 Release - Install files (received 20-21 October 2004) (these are temporarily unavailable)
11 EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2004/5 Release - Deliverables (received 10 October 2004)
12 EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2004/5 Release - Licence Key Files (received 20 December 2004)

13  EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2003/4 Release - Deliverables (received 9 September 2003) 
14  EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2003/4 Release - Install and Key Files (received 8 September 2003) 
15  EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2003/4 Release - Licence Key Files (received 12 July 2004) 

16   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2002 Release - Deliverables  
17   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2002 Install and Key Files     (received 9-13 Sept 2002)
18   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2002 Release - updated Assura 2.0 CDs 

19   Europractice/Cadence Release for the Academic Year 2001/2002 - deliverables
20   Europractice/Cadence Release for Academic Year 2001/2002 - Licence Keys and Install Files
21   Europractice/Cadence Release for the 1999/2000 Academic Year - deliverables
22   Europractice/Cadence Y2K Release for 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 - deliverables and updated install scripts  

Cadence Licence Keys 

1  Licence keys and original install scripts are published here
2  Licence keys renewed up to December 31st 2001
3  Licence keys renewed up to December 31st 2002 and Install Files 
4  Licence keys renewed up to December 31st 2003 
5  Licence keys for A35780_832b7453 up to December 31st 2003  
6  Licence keys for 2003 Release renewed up to December 31st 2003 and Install Files
7  Licence keys for 2002 and 2003/4 Release renewed up to December 31st 2004 
8  Licence keys for 2002, 2003 and 2004 Releases renewed up to December 31st 2005 

Cadence - SOC/Nanometer software 

1   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2002 SOC/NANOMETER Update - deliverables  
2   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2002 Install File for the SOC/Nanometer Software  (received 18 Feb 2003)  
3   EUROPRACTICE/Cadence 2002 Key Files for the SOC/Nanometer Software   (received 18 Feb 2003)  


0   Licence keys are now distributed by email - December 2009 newtiny.gif (139 bytes)
1   Licence keys renewed to December 31st 2008 (covering message & attached licence plaintext) (rec 20 Dec 2007)
2   EUROPRACTICE/Mentor 2007 Upgrade - physical  deliverables (received 1 Dec 2007)  
3   Note on use of ICextract  (cam only) animupdate.gif (1754 bytes)  on 2/02/06
4   Licence keys renewed to December 31st 2006 (licence plaintext and covering message) (received Jan 2006)
5   Access to Mentor Graphics SupportNet via Europractice - Example Signup Script (cam only) 
6   EUROPRACTICE/Mentor EN2004 - physical AND electronic deliverables (received 18 Feb/16 Mar 2005)  
7   EUROPRACTICE/Mentor EN2002sp3 - deliverables and installation guide   (received 12 Feb 2004) 
8   EUROPRACTICE/Mentor EN2002 - deliverables  

MPW Service

1    Announcement from Europractice - New Prototyping Price List from 1 September 2005  
2    Announcement from Europractice - austriamicrosystems 0.6 micron CMOS MPW discontinued (details at Europractice Online
3    EUROPRACTICE ASIC prototyping page - MPW Schedule 2005 and Price List  
4   New Alcatel Mietec mixed A/D 0.75 CMOS process: I2T (Intelligent Interface Technology) includes 100V DMOS

Further announcements and bulletins are now carried on the Europractice-info Mailing List


1  EUROPRACTICE Synopsys Software Upgrade 2004 (received 3rd November 2004)
2  Announcement from Europractice - Enhancements to the Synopsys portfolio 20 Oct 2004 (pdf file: obtain viewer


Note: Certain items are accessible only in

Xilinx Foundation ISE Software Update Versions are now managed on Xilinx web sitenewtiny.gif (139 bytes)
2  Xilinx Foundation ISE Software Update Version 9.2i (received 15th July 2007)
3  Xilinx Foundation ISE Software Update Version 8.1i (received 19th June 2006)
4  Xilinx Foundation ISE Software Update Version 7.1i
(received 21st March 2005)
5  Xilinx Foundation ISE Software Update Version 6.2i  
6  Xilinx Foundation ISE Software Update Version 6.1i  
7  Requesting a Xilinx Student Edition sample copy
8  Xilinx University Program at World Cup games
XUP Workshop Invitation - Europe: Dublin, IRELAND on January 20-23 1999
10   FREE Xilinx University Program Workshops
11  Important Xilinx Univ. Program Announcements - May 1998


Note: Certain items are accessible only in

1  Altera Quartus II 6.00 Update newtiny.gif (139 bytes)(received 8th Dec 2006)

Tanner Tools 

Note: Certain items are accessible only in

2  Licence key - self-extracting PC executable 

Europractice Courses

1  Course announcements from EuroTraining (htm)  animupdate.gif (1754 bytes) on 22 July 05

Further announcements and bulletins are now carried on the Europractice-info Mailing List


4   Education in analog design
5   NEW 0.25um CMOS technology in EUROPRACTICE  
6   Withdrawal of AMI Semiconductor HBIMOS & HBIMOS-F technology (Microsoft Word Document).

Further announcements and bulletins are now carried on the Europractice-info Mailing List

Obtaining Designer's Kits

Libraries, technology files and documentation for most of Europractice's foundry services are shipped in encrypted form on CD to the University coordinator. Note: if you don't use Europractice manufacturing or foundry services, you probably do not need this data.  The CD can be loaned on a short-term basis to designers who need to extract data from it. 

Before you can access the information on this CD you need to apply for a license file normally obtainable from the suppliers, IMEC.  You will need to arrange for a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed in respect of any product for which you are seeking a licence, and you will have to provide the host ID of the system to be used to decrypt the DK products.  It is now recommended that such NDAs should not be completed by an individual, but should be scrutinised and signed by RSD's Legal Department at the Old Schools.  Engineering Department applicants should contact the Direct of Research, Mr Philip Guildford, in the first instance, for guidance.  Members of other Departments are recommended to consult a senior University Officer - for example the Head of Department, Secretary of Department, etc.

In some instances, the NDA may already be on file and the decryption key may already be available.  The Europractice representative may be able to inform you of such instances: however, bear in mind that the key only allows decryption on one named computer.  

Once decrypted, the files can be copied to the target CAD workstation.  Please note that the machine on which decryption is carried out need not necessarily be the same machine as used for CAD.  If the target is a PC it may be necessary to do the decryption elsewhere.  To ensure continuity of updates it is desirable to quote the host ID of a machine expected to be available on a long-term basis for decryption.

Note: Engineering Department applicants should consult Stephen Mounsey who will advise on the host ID to be quoted so the decryption can be carried out centrally.

If you expect to be a frequent user of the resources provided in the kit, you may wish to apply for a personal copy of the CD.   Click here for IMEC's web page on Designer's Kits, which includes a list of NDA files you can download.

The current version of the Design Kit CD-ROM Libraries held in Cambridge is: Version 16.00, August 2005.  
A list of the contents of this CD is available here (RAL's Europractice support site).  

The resource below provides local information about the most recent design kit. (Email address for David Holburn)

Last updated 16 December 2016.