The Electronic Devices & Materials (EDM) Group's research includes topics that range from the nanometre scale through individual devices to large area electronics. It covers a diverse range incorporating development of micro-and nano-electro mechanical structures (MEMS and NEMS) and sensors with applications in biotechnology and optics. Work is also aimed at the investigation of various backplane technologies including a-Si and more recently Metal Oxides including ZnO and IGZO. A major effort is on the growth, characterisation and application of a range of nanomaterials including Semiconducting Nanowires (Si, Ge, III-V, Zinc Oxide), Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and other 2D materials.
The group has commercialised some of its scientific discoveries through formation of spin-off companies: Cambridge Nanoinstruments (now Aixtron Nanoinstruments) who produce CNT and Graphene CVD growth systems, Cambridge CMOS Sensors ( in collaboration with Florin Udrea from the EPEC Group and Julian Gardner,University of Warwick) who work on CMOS MEMS Micro-Hotplates and Infrared Sources, designed specifically for high performance, high stability gas sensing and Cambridge X-ray Systems who are developing Nanostructured Field emission X-ray sources.