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NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 14/03/2000
Duration: 3 mins 49 secs

``... failure attributed to a program that cut too many corners with the mars climate orbiter it apparently crashed into march last year because one group of engineers was using conventional english measurements while another was using the metric system and nobody noticed until the mission failed cost cutting also carved money out of the space shuttle program nasa has farmed out shuttle operations to an independent contractor and has reduced its oversight over the program smith says one space shuttle flight last year had problems so severe they could easily have been catastrophic whether they've just been locke was on nasa side i think that the problems that were encountered ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 8     space : 11     program : 9

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 11/02/2000
Duration: 4 mins 34 secs

``... of tour of eating beef in places uh in all being corrupt looking for help for sunday and says the new russian leader vladimir prudent seems to be content to allow them your business to rekindle that side that says many technical experts in russia recognize that their space program would suffer terribly as nasa get so fed up that it cuts russia out of the international space station the long running tensions with russia are the most visible problems now confronting the space station but marcia smith says the u. s. is also far behind its own schedules the program last year the last uh estimate the public was ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 7     space : 18     program : 3

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 23/09/1999
Duration: 4 mins 40 secs

``... george washington university space policy institute notes that it's part of nasa's recent strategy to pursue cheaper and faster exploration missions clearly we've we've come to expect perfection from nasa that no man says he human institution and particularly when they're doing these these quicker faster better cheaper missions and in accepting higher risk one while the rest will come back and bite you the biggest blow maybe to nasa's reputation after all when nasa the space craft with plutonium generators within a few hundred miles of the earth's officials assure the public that the risk of collision was minuscule nasa officials know today that those missions had a much ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 11     space : 7     program : 3

NPR's `All Things Considered Updates',  This feature is not available
Date: 30/09/1999
Duration: 1 mins 17 secs

``... twenty five million dollar mars orbiter spacecraft was lost last week because two teams of scientists were using different measurement systems nasa says the likely lockheed martin team that built the spacecraft you see a mishmash of mountain peaks but mission controllers at the jet propulsion laboratory sent out key orbital commands using the metric system to make steps and the orbiter into the martian atmosphere at the wrong trajectory before they register the probe stop sending and receiving signals nasa assumes they are better either burned out or broke apart metric measures are typically used to navigate space craft nasa has not explain why the probe is built to ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 4     space : 2     program : 1

BBC's `The World Today',  This feature is not available
Date: 22/03/2000
Duration: 59 mins 9 secs

``... money on behind the scenes can and cannot rule out today i have a round of breaking twelve years b. b. c. world service and further cultural and a. b. c. has announced that a major cover up of the american space agency nasa sent men to design postings the mars program and the space craft mentioned in the flight was launched last year the space probe disappeared just before it was due to touch down on the planet last december the white house reports this is a scandal that will block the american space tactics according to records looking at washington even before the moscow tonight we reached must ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 1     space : 4     program : 1

BBC's `The World Today',  This feature is not available
Date: 22/03/2000
Duration: 59 mins 9 secs

``... to watch these actors like a response going to be here well i'm not sure what it can be at this point there's been a body of political thought that space exploration should be privatized and not paid for with the taxpayers' money this will fuel that argument and space exploration will almost surely be harm's way there's great risk that this could also endanger the completion of the international space station here in the u. s. we've been hearing from nasa that the russians have been doing their part but obviously the u. s. congress will not be questioning nasa i don't think they can save eight states is ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 4     space : 6     program : 1

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 07/12/1999
Duration: 4 mins 15 secs

``... would have answered that kind of question nasa hopes to have a craft back on mars two years from that was part of an ambitious exploration program planned for the next decade the space agency wants to launch a pair of small mars bound probes every twenty six months but space policy analyst marcia smith of the congressional research service says that schedule may be in jeopardy after the loss of the polar lander and its companion orbiters three months ago i think that the most important policy issue that will come out of this is assessing whether or not nasa's new philosophy is trying to build space craft faster ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 6     space : 3     program : 1

NPR's `Morning Edition',  This feature is not available
Date: 16/12/1999
Duration: 4 mins 41 secs

``... this is n. p. r.'s morning edition i'm bob edwards the space shuttle discovery is scheduled for launch tonight on a ten day mission to repair the hubble space telescope parts of the telescope have been failing gradually over the past few years astronomers have not been able to use it at all for the past months n. p. r.'s nasa officials hope to fix it and for spacewalks in the coming weeks and p. r.'s richard harris reports the hubble space telescope has been one of nasa's most successful scientific instruments producing dazzling pictures of the cosmos and answering fundamental questions about our universe the telescope also has had ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 7     space : 11     program : 0

NPR's `All Things Considered',  This feature is not available
Date: 14/03/2000
Duration: 3 mins 51 secs

``... presenting a report to nasa management on the failure of the mars program and the space craft the craft was lost last december as it descended to the martian surface nasa has refused to discuss the content of the report but some senior people working on a mission to save the mystery may have been solved nasa has found a software bug didn't make her shut off the land is rockets prematurely during descent causing it to crash into the surface n. p. r.'s david tested um reports the software bugs surfaced weeks after the mars' polar lander disappeared when nasa engineers were preparing another mission to mars the spacecraft ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 7     space : 1     program : 2

BBC's `The World Today',  This feature is not available
Date: 23/03/2000
Duration: 59 mins 9 secs

``... in washington after more than twenty years of court action evidence was given that the american government implies they gave me the job selection process in favor of that and imagine space agency nasa has rejected reports that he knew in advance about faults which recalls the space craft crashed as it tried to land on mars last december at a nasa spokesman denied suggestions that the agency cover up of a. t. and t. equipment on the rockets of the moscow that and that during predawn states passes david whitehouse reports of an embarrassing revelations may yet to manage nasa has admitted that they must come down i'm going ...''

Keyword Occurences:     nasa : 4     space : 3     program : 0


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