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Broadcast 23/03/2000, Story 1

radio station out of all the united states information agency and the chernobyl of more than half a billion dollars in compensation to sex discrimination the record of what was agreed in washington after more than twenty years of court action evidence was given that the american government implies they gave me the job selection process in favor of that


Imagine space agency nasa has rejected reports that he knew in advance about faults which recalls the space craft crashed as it tried to land on mars last december at a nasa spokesman denied suggestions that the agency cover up of a. t. and t. equipment on the rockets of the moscow that and that during predawn states passes david whitehouse reports of an embarrassing revelations may yet to manage

Nasa has admitted that they must come down i'm going to have at least one of the fatal flaw only knew about that could have caused the thrust is to fail leading to a crash next week's report to the inquiry into the mass of the spacecraft will be one of the most damning in the space agency's history it was centered on many things wrong with the permanent head and at least one member of the inquiry will say the spacecraft stood no chance of landing on mars

Nasa has also been quoted handling bad news but his spokesman has already said that the report will make said during the meeting has another mismanagement and incompetence

Nato officials in pakistan that indicated that the country's ruler general have a solution and it

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