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Broadcast 22/03/2000, Story 1

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Eastland a little scar embarrassing it's not the lead scan askance at the place that was taking him on the discovery from a secret plot the jury tube onto the american space agency nasa knew in advance that the mouse quote amanda had a fatal design flaw in its tracks this and that to do the mission deployed and the began but the bullish case t. v. nation cry

Well broadly agreed to cost money lots of it and there is said to be attacked a lot of management mistakes and misjudgments separate assessment of how big a blow it easy for the space agency and its head than bill that would tend to jack kemp chinese science correspondent of k. f. w. b. radio in our factories

When dan goldin was appointed head of nasa and declared that he was gonna run of space exploration program that was faster better cheaper golden frankly was created by the veteran engineers and scientists at the jet propulsion lab and they've been quite in public but i can tell you the engineers were very very upset and believed it would work well those people almost certainly come out of the woodwork and began blasting mr. goldman out of course is faster better cheaper is going to get trashed in public

So we got into the background is the way yet to come out to watch these actors like a response going to be here

Well i'm not sure what it can be at this point there's been a body of political thought that space exploration should be privatized and not paid for with the taxpayers' money this will fuel that argument and space exploration will almost surely be harm's way there's great risk that this could also endanger the completion of the international space station here in the u. s. we've been hearing from nasa that the russians have been doing their part but obviously the u. s. congress will not be questioning nasa

I don't think they can save eight states is already getting out of action or any rate even if all the gas spill into the monastery that

I think that would be fair accept that there's a a growing body of a young people and educators are getting

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