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Whittle Laboratory News

Whittle Laboratory Scholarship established (press release December 2005)

The Whittle Laboratory has received a fund of £410,000 from Professor John Denton to benefit postgraduate students working in the Laboratory. The funds, received by the University via Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd (CUTS), were raised from the sale of software created by Professor Denton.

The Whittle Laboratory specialises in research into the fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of all types of turbomachinery, the main application is to jet engines and to steam and gas turbines for power generation.

The Whittle Laboratory, established in 1972, was named after Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine, and is dedicated to the study of the aerodynamics of turbines and compressors.

The Laboratory is one of the world's leading centres for research in this field. It has first class computational and experimental facilities and offers many unique opportunities of high quality research.

Retirement of Professor John Denton

John will retire from the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering on 30 September 2005. We wish him a long and happy retirement and we hope he will still be a regular visitor to the Whittle Laboratory.

New Lecturer Appointed from 1 October 2005 - Dr Cesare Hall.

Chez Hall is currently employed as Research Associate with the Cambridge-MIT Institute Silent Aircraft Initiative, based at the Department of Engineering in Trumpington Street. Chez is no stranger to the Whittle Laboratory, as an undergraduate at King's College his fourth year project work was undertaken here and he did his PhD "Fan-Nacelle Interactions in Natural Wind" in the Whittle Laboratory, under the supervision of Dr Tom Hynes.

Mr Trevor Chandler, technician, retired on 30 March 2005 - Photo's