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50 Years of
Research and Development

In October, 1948 Professor Sir Charles Oatley, together with his research student Dennis McMullan, began the research and development that was to lead to the launch of the world's first series production scanning electron microscope in 1965. Through generations of research students the work has continued to the present day. We present in these pages some details of this historic development. (Picture: Mark I Stereoscan.)


A Brief History of the Origins and Development of the Scanning Electron
Microscope in the Cambridge University Engineering Department.
by BC Breton

Charles Oatley: Pioneer of Scanning Electron Microscopy.
A paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Electron Microscope Group of
the Institute of Physics: EMAG '97 (For full details see Conference Proceedings).
by KCA Smith

Scanning Electron Microscopy 1928-1965
Full version of a presentation at the 51st Annual Meeting of the Microscopy
Society of America, Cincinnati, August 1993
by Dennis McMullan

Bibliography of Scanning Electron Microscopy

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