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Notable advances in engineering have been made by Cambridge engineers over the past century, many specifically by members of the Engineering Department.
In the following pages some of the most significant of these are presented in detail. Two have been the subject of poster exhibitions compiled over the years by Kenneth Knell, former Librarian, in collaboration with other members of the Department. These exhibitions have been incorporated essentially without change in this web presentation.
Cambridge has a strong tradition in engineering that can be traced back to the 17th century, this is discussed in an introductory article by Donald Welbourn.



Ricardo: Internal Combustion Engine

Whittle: Jet Engine


Paper & Poster Presentations

   Oatley: the Scanning Electron Microscope

   Schofield: Geotechnical Engineering

   Smith & Welbourn: Gearing Research

   Welbourn: Computer Aided Design and                        Manufacture

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