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30 Years of
Research and Development

In the early 1970s Professor Andrew Schofield initiated a programme of research in geotechnical engineering  which has achieved international recognition. The research has been based mainly on the application of large geotechnical centrifuges designed and constructed in the Cambridge University Engineering Department.
   The centrifuges are housed in the Schofield Laboratory on the West Cambridge Site where much of the research in soil mechanics is conducted. An outline of this research is given in the first of the papers presented below.
   In the second paper Philip Turner, the Department’s Senior Design Engineer (1959-1984), describes the design of the two original centrifuges.

(Picture: Arm Centrifuge Facility, West Cambridge)


Geotechnical Engineering
by Andrew Schofield

The Design of Large Geotechnical Centrifuges
by Philip Turner

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