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35 Years of
Research and Development

In 1965 work was started on the development of the DUCT system of computer aided design and manufacture (CADCAM), which led to the founding of Delcam International plc to develop it. Today it is the largest supplier of CADCAM for tooling world-wide, and the 5th largest supplier of CADCAM software overall. 35 years since the start of the work, the system has been redesigned by Delcam International plc to make use of modern computer technology, and is now known as the POWER family of CADCAM programs. (Picture: Pattern for a manifold.)


The Development of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture-CADCAM:
35 Years of Research and Development.

The Design of Mechanical Components and the Development of DUCT:
17 Years of CAD/CAM in Cambridge University by D.B.Welbourn.
A paper delivered at the Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nuernberg, April 1983. Published in the Arbeitsberichte des Institut für mathematische Maschinen und Datenverarbeitung ( Informatik ).

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