[Univ of Cambridge] [Dept of Engineering] Rolls-Royce plc


The University Gas Turbine Partnership (UGTP) is a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and Rolls-Royce plc. Its remit is to provide an integrated approach to the fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of gas turbines, compression and other systems critical to Rolls-Royce by linking research in the areas of turbomachinery, aerodynamics, noise and vibration, combustion, heat transfer and advanced cycles. Its research programme involves over 75 staff and graduate students in the Energy, Fluids and Turbomachinery Groups of the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University.

The Director of the UGTP, Professor Ann Dowling FREng, explains: "This partnership brings together the University of Cambridge and Rolls-Royce, who are both committed to technological excellence. It builds on the trust and mutual understanding developed through decades of collaboration. At the heart of the partnership is a group of academics, world leaders in their own fields, who believe that research is most exciting and challenging when it addresses issues of relevance to industry. Such projects attract excellent students - it is thrilling for students to see their research results influencing the next generation of aircraft engines."