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In 2009 two world leading universities - University College London (UCL) and the University of Cambridge - combined their expertise in photonics to establish an exciting Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Photonic Systems Development, leveraging their current strong collaborations in research and innovation. Due to our success, our funding was extended for another 8 years in November 2014 and the Centre's name was changed to 'The UCL-Cambridge Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems (IPES).

The Centre trains postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines, using innovative teaching and learning techniques and collaborates closely with a wide range of leading companies and research centres worldwide. We create graduates with the skills and confidence necessary to drive future technology research, development and commercial exploitation, as photonics becomes fully embedded in electronics-based systems applications ranging from communications to sensing, industrial manufacture and biomedicine.

The Centre offers a four year programme that has a Masters of Research (MRes) degree as its first year, followed by three years of PhD study. Fully funded studentships are available for UK students and EU students who meet residency requirements.

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