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Feedback from teachers

"As a teacher and parent, I cannot express enough admiration for the superb Engineering Interact site. More please!!"


"I'm VERY impressed!! These presentations are just the thing I've been attempting to do with PowerPoint to use with my Year 6 class, but now I've found yours, I've saved a great deal of time! Thank you! I've never felt impelled to write any feedback on a site before.......this is different, tho'!"


"Better than other sites available on the Internet. Longer and more detailed."


"Highly interactive and appropriate to their level. My class were prepared to miss their break-time as they were so involved."


"Really liked it children involved the whole time and yet tested even the brightest. Very user-friendly."


"Excellent pupils were totally focused right to the end (which is almost unheard of even in ICT). Good coverage."


"Easy for children to follow and difficult to skip steps which was good. "


"It is great how it can be used as a game and as a teaching tool by itself."


"A complete educational unit where the 'game' does not take over the facts/challenges."


"Very nice to have all the children involved and not just those who like science."


"The class worked solid for 45 mins with no fuss just quietly working through the task they were involved and engrossed throughout."


"Everyone was still answering questions after 3/4 hour must be good!"


"Excellent session, well presented. Our pupils really enjoyed this. They were having too much fun to even notice they were learning."


"As a student teacher, about to finish my course, it was a breath of fresh air to find your website to cover these exicting but challenging areas of KS2 science in such an inspirational way."



"Well done - this is a wonderful site which fulfills all its stated objectives in a truly interactive way. It is correctly pitched at Upper key Stage 2 and having a child in Year 6 myself, I know this will be a stimulating way to encourage him to do some revision for his SATs! The teaching material is well planned and accurate, correctly matched to the PoS for Science. The site design is engaging and challenging, presenting children with a range of puzzles to solve. The puzzles promote reasoning skills as well as testing how much has been learnt. The feedback and help are great ways to ensure understanding. I really enjoyed my visit and will be ensuring my son visits too - thank you!"

- National Grid for Learning (NGfL) Reviewer


"Great interactive resources, I really liked how you tied all the activities into a 'mission' which could only be solved if the children had understood the concepts."

- National Grid for Learning (NGfL) Reviewer


"Anyway - we've had a good look around (in fact got rather immersed for a while there) and can report that it's brilliant. The colour and quality of the games and other resources on the site might at first glance give the impression that this is way too much fun to be a serious educational resource, but it would appear that the games have been cleverly retro-fitted around English National Curriculum science ... ingenious, huh? And very useful for teachers and reluctant kids alike. For teachers, there are notes on exactly which points in the curriculum are addressed in which resource. But hey who cares about that when it's a question of grappling with the evil Sea Serpent who's stolen our mermaid-heroine's voice? Or stopping Dr Volt before he pulls the plug on Silicon City. Quick! There's no time to lose!"

- Planet Science