These resources were created in 2004, using the latest tools at the time. However, changes in web technology mean that some of them are no longer viewable. The pages are left online here because of the value of the resources that can still be used, but we regret that we are unable to support them.

The original author, Peter Stidwell, is currently Executive Producer at the Learning Games Network, a non-profit spin-off of the MIT Education Arcade and the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Games+Learning+Society programme. You may want to follow his work on Twitter (@LGamesNetwork) or at and

Alien Attack! game

Which evil alien tried to blow up the world?

Investigate the science of light to save the Earth from destruction...

Launch yourself into Alien Attack!
Ocean Odyssey game

The evil Sea Serpent has stolen Mel Scale the mermaid's voice.

Investigate the science of sound to solve the fishy goings-on...

Immerse yourself in Ocean Odyssey!
Parkworld Plot game

Rival park owner, Bertie Block, is plotting to break one of ParkWorld's rides.

Investigate the science of forces to save ParkWorld from ruin...

Brave the rides with ParkWorld Plot!
Astro Adventure game

Redshift Enterprises take you on a troublesome test drive of their Galactic Express shuttle.

Investigate the Solar System as you save yourself from disaster...

Take a giant leap into Astro Adventure!
Silicon Spies game

Dr. Volt is about to pull the plug on Silicon City and plunge it into darkness.

Investigate the science of electricity in a secret mission to save the city...

Go undercover with Silicon Spies!