Why download the games?

  1. Reduce time spent on Internet

    Running the games over the Internet requires a constant connection. If the connection is costly, unreliable, or not available to all your computers... download the games! Then you can easily copy the games to as many computers as you like and use it "off-line".

  2. Reduce time waiting during games

    Game components are continually loaded whilst playing over the Internet: this shouldn't cause much delay. But if you want to eliminate the delays... download the games!

  3. Customise the games

    If you want to alter the game content to accomodate a specific lesson plan and/or ability group... download the games! Then you can pick and choose which modules you want to appear in each game.

What is downloaded?

Unlike many pieces of software, dowloading these games does not mean littering your computer with lots of files in many different, unknown places. All the files are within one folder, and that folder can be placed anywhere, as long as the contents of the folder are not moved from their relative positions. And, of course, it can be easily deleted if required. The actual file downloaded is a zip file (see "After download" for further instructions).


Choose from the following list to download any of the games separately or all of them together.

Game Topic Size (MB) Download time (on typical dial-up (modem) connection)*
Alien Attack Light    
Ocean Odyssey Sound    
Parkworld Plot Forces & Motion    
Astro Adventure Earth & Beyond    
Silicon Spies Electricity    
All-in-one package (all games) All topics    

*Download time will depend on your connection speed.

After download

Unzip the file after it is fully downloaded, and place the game folder where you want it (leaving all the contents exactly as they are). Then, reload the site from the downloaded version by double-clicking "start" in the newly downloaded folder.