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Engineering for the Life Sciences Department of Engineering


Friday 8 October 04, 2.30pm in Lecture Room 6, CUED
The physical basis of active amplification in hearing
Dr Tom Duke (Cavendish Laboratories)

Monday 25 October 04, 3:00pm in Lecture Room 2, CUED
Global architectures of biological networks  
Professor John Doyle (Control and Dynamical Systems, BioEngineering, and Electrical Engineering Caltech)

Wednesday 27 October 04, 2:00pm in Lecture Room 6, CUED
Sudden death ­ How can we prevent it?  
Dr Richard C Saumarez (CUED)

Monday 8 November 04, 11:00am in the Board Room, CUED
Reverse engineering biochemical networks using functional building blocks and dynamic design motifs  
Prof Hamid Bolouri (Professor of Computational Biology, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA)

Friday 13 May 05, 2:00pm in Lecture Room 11, CUED
Marching or crawling towards an artificial pancreas  
Dr Roman Hovorka, Department of Paediatrics, University of Cambridge)

Friday 20 May 05, 2:00pm in Lecture Room 6, CUED
An overview of environmental scanning electron microscopy  
Professor Athene Donald, Department of Physics, Cambridge

§ Friday 27 May 05, 2:30pm in Lecture Room 6, CUED
Mesoscopic events in living cells  
Professor Dennis Bray, Department of Anatomy, Cambridge

Friday 10 June 05, 2:00pm in Lecture Room 7, CUED
Computational biology - what's in it for Engineers
Dr Gos Micklem, Department of Genetics, Cambridge

Combined Control & Engineering for Life Sciences Seminar
Friday, 10 March 2006, 2:00pm, LR11


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