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Resources on the ImpEE website are designed for lecturers, to make it as easy as possible to embed ‘engineering for sustainable development' (ESD) into existing curricula. Data, graphs, useful web links and teaching ideas are presented that can be adapted for use with minimal effort. All the material is free for educational use and can be reproduced or modified however the lecturer sees fit. Please read our conditions of use below before downloading files.

Each resource contains a downloadable slide presentation with teaching notes, sample examples questions, case studies or project ideas that suggest ways to incorporate ESD into standard undergraduate courses. At the same time, any transferable skills that are practiced or developed are clearly highlighted and indexed with a numbering scheme that refers to the CDIO syllabus : CDIO stands for Conceive — Design — Implement — Operate. CDIO is an innovative educational program for producing the next generation of engineering leaders.

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The ImpEE website and is produced and maintained by the ImpEE team at the Cambridge University Department of Engineering, sponsored by the Cambridge –MIT Institute (CMI), as part of a larger initiative to introduce the teaching of transferable skills and an awareness of global issues into engineering undergraduate courses. The inspiration for this approach came from the CDIO initiative.

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