The Vision

By drawing upon the core competencies and extensive knowledge base of the research groups, the key sequential objectives are:

1) Development and optimization of organic PBOS lasers incorporating stable materials with low lasing threshold, high slope efficiency and wavelength and direction tuning using external factors such as:- temperature, electric field, mechanical deformation, uv irradiation and chemical specificity.

2) Investigation of optical properties of integrated all organic lasers pumped by “conventional” solid state lasers and fabricating VCSEL like device prototypes on glass or flexible polymer substrates.

3) Development of small “hybrid” solid state/organic structures with compact solid-state light emitting diodes as pump sources and concomitant device prototypes.

4) Investigation of electroluminescent organic materials and their integration into fully tuneable (wavelength and direction) all organic micron-sized lasers.

5) Examine the specific applications in medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, etc, where our microscopic lasers may be used in micro-manipulation of molecules, lab on a chip spectroscopy, dermatology, endoscopy, retinal and key-hole surgery, disease sensing, telecommunications devices, optical data storage, and display technology (polariser free displays on flexible substrates), etc.