Milestones 1975 ~ 2000


The new Language Lab was officially opened by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Chancellor of the University.

The fourth year of the Engineering Tripos ran for the first time.

Another spin-off company, Granta Design was set up to exploit the Cambridge Materials Selector software, the first commercial software from the Engineering Design Centre.

The Cambridge Centre for Micromechanics was set up, as an interdisciplinary centre for the modelling of materials.

Andrew Palmer became the first Professor of Petroleum Engineering as a result of a donation from Hamid Jafar, a former student at the Department of Engineering.


Sir Frank Whittle died, and a memorial service was held in Westminster Abbey.

A new post of Director of Research, was set up in recognition of the increasing importance of research grant funding to the Department. Dr Malcom Macleod was appointed.

Alec Broers was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University. Professor David Newland was elected Head of Department

1996 The Department's research was assessed and got a five star A rating.
1997 Dr Andy Hopper was elected the first Professor of Communications Engineering, combining this appointment with his role as Managing Director of AT &T Research Laboratory in Cambridge.