Milestones 1975 ~ 2000


The Department's teaching was assessed and gained an excellent rating (23 marks out of 24).

Building works continued with a new laboratory for Communications Engineering and a major Library improvement completed.

Refurbishment of the Thermodynamics Laboratory started, and new research centres were completed for Structures, Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Design.

A new Institute for Manufacturing was formed, centred on the Manufacturing Division of the Department, following an alliance with the London based Foundation for Manufacturing and Industry. This was accomplished to form more effective lines of communication with the leaders of British Industry.

A new procedure for personal promotions came into being allowing a number of personal professorships to be created.

Dr Robert Mair, a partner in a London practice of consulting engineers was appointed to a Chair in Geotechnical Engineering, previously held by Professor Andrew Schofield.

The Geotechnical Centre was renamed the Schofield Centrifuge Centre at a ceremony to mark the retirement of Professor Andrew Schofield, who pioneered the use of centrifuges in the modelling of civil engineering structures.

1999 The spin-off company set up by Professor Steve Young and Mr Phil Woodland to exploit their major achievements in the area of speech recognition was purchased by Microsoft.