Milestones 1950 ~ 1975

1966 The first ACPMM (advanced course in production methods and management) a course for post-graduates, aimed at teaching engineers the fundamentals of workshop technology and organisation of production, began. This was financed entirely by industry, with the co-operation of ninety-six different firms.
1968 Professor Ken Roscoe appointed to the first Chair in Soil Mechanics. He was killed in a road crash in 1970 and his work continued under the leadership of Dr Peter Wroth.
  John Baker retired and was succeeded by Professor Will Hawthorne, who was then the Hopkinson and ICI Professor of Thermodynamics.
  £273,250 was awarded to the Department to purchase an analogue/digital computer known as CASSANDRA. Cambridge was chosen by the Department of Industry for the site of a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Centre to exploit the CAD process by encouraging firms to use it in pilot projects.
1971 The Wolfson Cambridge Industrial Unit under the direction of Donald Welbourn was used to demonstrate the use of CAD to industry.
1972 Professor Shôn Ffowcs Williams came to Cambridge from Imperial College, London to the newly created Rank Chair of Acoustics. This paved the way for substantial industrial liaison with Rolls Royce who also established a ten-year research contract with the Turbomachinery Laboratory. This laboratory went on to attract further industrial support, with large numbers of research students receiving their training and degrees in this area.
1973 Professor Hawthorne retired and was succeeded by Professor W Austyn Mair, the Francis Mond Professor of Aeronautical Engineering.