Milestones 1975 ~ 2000


The Cambridge Programme for Industry expanded and moved out to 1 Trumpington Street.

A new Engineering Design Centre, funded with a grant of nearly 1m over four years from the SERC, was inaugurated on 1 January, 1991 "To develop, validate and disseminate fundamental design methods for the design of machine systems."


Alec Broers, Professor of Electrical Engineering, was elected Head of Department.

Haroon Ahmed was appointed to a Chair at the Cavendish, and his research group moved to a new Microelectronics Research laboratory at the West Cambridge site, funded by a grant from Hitachi.

Bill Crossland was appointed Northern Telecom Professor of Photonics - an important area of communications technology.


Professor Ann Dowling, became the first woman Professor of Engineering in the history of Cambridge. By this time, 18% of the undergraduate intake were women.

A new laboratory for research and teaching in Information Engineering built as a fourth floor to the North Wing of the Baker building was opened. It was named the "Fallside Laboratory" after Professor Frank Fallside, under whom information engineering had been growing as a subject area since 1983, and who died, suddenly, in 1993.

The University established a School of Technology for administrative purposes, that included Engineering, Chemical Engineering, the Computer Laboratory and the Judge Institute of Management Studies.