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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The 2012-13 M.Eng projects have been posted on COMET. We will also, as has been previously done, be offering the opportunity for strong students in their 3rd year to get a head start and a paid undergraduate research opportunity position (UROP) at CUED this summer to support student research activities in fields related to the water environment.

Funding for these UROPs is largely tied to the 'Type A' projects on COMET, and is conditional -at least- on finding a strong candidate. These summer research jobs are especially ideal for 3rd year students (entering their final year).

Our preference is for these positions to be taken up by incoming MEng candidates that can leverage the summer work into their MEng project.

If you are interested and qualify (i.e. you are a Cambridge University undergraduate entering their 3rd or 4th year), you are encouraged to email Geoff Parker (contact info at right under 'People') for more information.

2012-13 Projects Topics:

  • Impacts of Climate Modelling on Regional Infrastructure Management
  • Quantifying Nano-Scale Water Treatment Engineers
  • Feasibility and Design of Novel Ideas in Desalination