Dr. Tim Coombs

Dr Coombs is a Senior Lecturer in The Cambridge University Engineering Department. He is in the Engineering Power Group in the Electrical Engineering Division and is also attached to the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Superconductivity. He is a Fellow of Magdalene College.

Research Interests


   Electrical Machines

   Electromagnetic Modelling

   Engineering Applications of Superconductivity


   Super Magnets


Contact Details

Tel: +44 1223 748315

Fax: +44 1223 332662/748348

Email: tac1000@cam.ac.uk


  Patents in industry (sole inventor)  


GB2270399/EP0587318                            Error detection in distributed processor arrangements.


GB2269695/EP0583080                            Image processing


GB2265737/EP0561519/NO930934         Distributed processor arrangement


GB2239369/EP0427537                            Image Tracking


GB2236927/EP0425123                            Enhancement of Pixellated Image Signals


GB2236886/EP0422911                            Image Interpretation



   Patents at Cambridge   (sole inventor)


WO9523298/US5633547                        Magnetic bearing (The first and currently the only existing method for achieving an actively controlled bearing using bulk superconducting materials.)



    Refereed Papers in Primary Journals


 Patents and publications
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