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Each highlighted phrase (in colour and underlined) is a hyperlink to another document or information resource somewhere on the Internet. Single click on any highlighted phrase to follow the link.

The US signifies resources which are located in the United States, Australia or other remote overseas site. The computer link is often heavily loaded during office hours in the U.K. and hence there may be delays in obtaining resources.

Course Organiser: Dr D M Holburn, University Engineering Department, Trumpington Street, Cambridge.

Last updated: Friday, 16 January 2004

Computers in Microscopy '98
Laboratory Visits
Image processing resources
General interest - the World Wide Web
More information about the WWW (kindly provided by Tim Love)
Resources within Cambridge University
Other Web Servers
Microscopy - some companies and organisations
Microscopy - Electron/SEM
Light and general microscopy
Microscopy resources on the Internet (compiled by Ross Mackenzie)
Engineering sites
Other resources (based on a recent IEE Seminar on the Internet held in CUED)


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