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Health and Safety

The departmental webpage for Health and Safety can be found at:

This contains updated Risk Assessment and COSHH forms, which need to be used from now on. (23 August 2013).

Visitor Request

The Visitor Request form has been updated - please see the following link for the new template:

The additional information is required to enable us to write the new Visitor Agreement, which is now compulsory for all visitors to the Department.

If the visitor is working on a project funded by a Research Grant, the Research Operations Office will ensure the Agreement is drawn up in line with the grant or contract's terms and conditions. Please see the following flow chart:

As the Agreement must be signed by all parties prior to the visitor's arrival, we would request that you factor in extra time when processing your invitations.

For further information about visitor agreements, please see:

Sick Leave

All Queries regarding Sick Leave should be directed to Mrs Sally Collins-Taylor in Room BE0-08.

All employees should use the CHRIS/62 form below to report all sickness absences to the Secretary of Department (Administration and Human Resources). Please note that a doctor's note is required to be submitted for all absences' over seven calendar days.

Form CHRIS/62 may be downloaded in PDF or Word form at:

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