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photo: Young Tea Chun

Dr. Young Tea Chun

email: ytc24

Young Tea Chun is a research associate in Electrical Engineering, having previously worked in industry for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology as a senior research staff member at South Korea until 2010. He researched on thin film transistor devices & flexible displays including integration system. He studied charge transfer characteristic of a nanowire semiconductor and their applications for his PhD at University of Cambridge in 2015.

Young Tea Chun has published over twenty journal and conference papers, and also been involved in over twelve US patents on display systems and devices, and his current research interests include:

  • TFT devices / metal oxide materials / nanowires
  • Organic based optical sensor & semiconductor materials
  • Ferroelectric non-volatile memory
  • Novel device fabrication such as ink-jet printing
  • Flexible display materials & systems
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