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Photonics & Sensors Group

  • Mrs Elena Ratcliff (Staff menmber)
  • Dr. Hsin-Ling Liang (Research Associate)
  • Diana Finlayson (Staff member)
  • Xuefeng Li (PhD student)
  • Tianxin Lu (PhD student)
  • Mr. Dave Garnett (Research Assistant)
  • Dr. Hua Xu (Academic visitor)
  • Hongcheng Gu (Academic visitor)
  • Sean Maguire (PhD student)
  • Jordy Goldstein (MPhil student)
  • Christian Friedrich (PhD student)
  • Ivonne Medina-Salazar (Cleanroom Technician)
  • Dr. Andriy Dyadyusha (Research Associate)
  • Jennifer Robinson (Academic Visitor)
  • Fiorella Vargas (Academic Visitor)
  • Prof. Zhongze Gu (Academic Visitor)
  • Long Teng (Academic Visitor)
  • Dr. Stuart Speakman (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Neil Collings (Principal Research Associate)
  • Giovanni Orlando (Research Associate)
  • Di Jiang (Academic visitor)
  • Wylkia Yu (Fourth year undergraduate)
  • Dr. Weining Chen (PhD student)
  • Jinwoo Han (Academic visitor)
  • Sean Bremner (Fourth year undergraduate)
  • Dr. Jing Chen (PhD student & Research Associate)
  • Anna Jeziorska-Chapman (Research Associate)
  • Shu-Faye Cheung (Summer student)
  • Dr. Jamie Christmas(PhD student)
  • Junwei Di (Fourth year undergraduate)
  • Dr. Andreas Georgiou (PhD student)
  • David Han (Fourth year undergraduate)
  • Heison Ho (Fourth year undergraduate
  • Prof. Xiaoyu Jiang (Academic visitor)
  • Andrew Knights (Summer student)
  • Andy Leung (Fourth year undergraduate)
  • Prof. Weiping Li (Academic visitor)
  • Dr. Ruisheng Lin (PhD student)
  • Dr. Jinsong Liu (Academic visitor)
  • Prof. Yuehong Qiu (Academic visitor)
  • Dr. Maura Redmond (Research Associate)
  • Ian Sheppard (Fourth year undergraduate)
  • Karson Siu (Fourth year undergraduate)
  • Dr. Oksana Trushkevych (PhD student & Research Associate)
  • Dr. Kamol Wasapinyokul (PhD student)
  • Mengfei Wu (Summer student)
  • Dengyuan Yu (Mphil Student)
  • Dr. Hao Zhang (Academic visitor)
  • Dr. Yan Zhang (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Zichen Zhang (PhD student & Research Associate)
  • Dr. Hui Zhu (PhD student)
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