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photo: Peter Wilkinson

Peter Wilkinson

email: pjw79

Peter Wilkinson is an embedded researcher in the P&S group, and is also a part-time PhD student, supervised by Prof Daping Chu.

He received his MEng from Cambridge in 2011, specialising in mechanics. His MEng research project involved designing and building a small wind turbine, suitable for indoor operation, as an undergraduate teaching aid.

Upon graduating he joined The Technology Partnership as a consultant in the Medical Devices group. Here he worked on and lead a variety of projects, primarily related to drug delivery systems, for clients ranging from big pharma to newly formed startups. The majority of these projects were conducted according to the quality standard ISO 13485.

Peter joined Roadmap Systems in 2014 as the team's mechanical engineer, embedded into the P&S group. Roadmap Systems is a company set up to commercialise optical wavelength selective switching technology developed by the P&S group. Peter is responsible for the mechanical design and packaging of the company's optical systems, and also works on system level concept development and design. His PhD is based on his research into novel optomechanical design methods for optical switch systems.

His areas of expertise include:

  • laser micro-machining
  • mechanism failure analysis
  • design verification testing
  • parenteral drug delivery mechanisms
  • low cost functional prototyping
  • high performance mechanical test rig design
  • 3D printing optomechanics
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