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Dr. John Moore

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John Moore studied Physics and Electronics at Manchester University and graduated with a BSc in 1965. Initially he worked in the computer and display industry until he became the Technical Director for the start-up Manitron Displays. In 1989 he founded John Moore Electronics Consultancy (JMEC Ltd), which specialises in ferroelectric and nematic liquid crystal drive circuitry for displays and spatial light modulators (SLMs) and cathode ray tube circuitry, video signal processing, and graphics applications for 2D and stereoscopic displays. He then moved to Cambridge to the Cambridge University Computer Laboratories and the Engineering Department, and received a Diploma in Computer Science in 1991, followed in 1994 by a PhD on an autostereoscopic display in a joint Computer Lab and Engineering project (see He continued working on commercialising autostereoscopic displays and then rejoined the Engineering Department to work on LCOS device design and interfacing. Now, he is semi-retired, and associated with the Photonics & Sensors Group and the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) at the Electrical Engineering Division and with JMEC Ltd. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and a member of the Society for Information Displays.

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